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Behind The Scenes Of Spielberg Essay

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Steven Spielberg is today a major and successful American film director and producer. Spielberg has directed and been apart of numerous well-known movies and worked with highly respected actors and actresses. As well, Spielberg shows he is committed, especially in Hollywood because he has been married to his wife over 20 years. Steven Spielberg is an influential American because he has changed the film industry, he has been very successful with movies, and he is gracious with his opportunities.
Life before filmmaking, Steven Spielberg’s family gave him nothing but support in following his dreams. Steven Spielberg was born on December 18, 1946 (“Steven Spielberg”). Steven was born in Cincinnati, Ohio, but he has also lived in Haddonfield, New Jersey, Scottsdale, Arizona, and in San Jose, California during his childhood. Spielberg’s parents are Arnold and Leah Spielberg; he is the oldest with three younger sisters. Leah, Spielberg’s mother gave up being a trained pianist after marrying Arnold, Spielberg’s father who was an electrical engineer. Spielberg’s parents gave him everything they could to help him make movies when he was younger (Hargrove 9-11). Without the help and support of his family, Spielberg may not be who he is today.
Even though there were struggles on the pathway of achieving his dream, Steven Spielberg never gave up when it got tough, but instead he pushed harder. In fact, as a teenager, Spielberg had made 15 movies. Sometimes on Mondays, he would pretend to be sick to stay home that day to edit his movies. During middle school, Spielberg was bullied and would run home from school to try to avoid the bullies. Battle Squad, a movie he made in middle school, he used one of his bullies to play the war hero who later became friends with Spielberg. In his movie Firelight that he made in high school, Nancy, his younger sister even played a role. While living in Arizona, Spielberg attended Arcadia High School. He did make lower grades, but high enough to pass in order to make movies. Spielberg could not get into UCLA or USC for college because of his poor grades in high school. Both of these schools have a film department, but California State College in Long Beach, where Spielberg attended, did not have a film department. Without a film department, Spielberg decided to make his own (Hargrove 15-18, 24). Steven Spielberg is an example of even if you didn’t make the best grades in high school, if you follow your dreams and work hard, you can still be successful.
These first few films directed by Steven Spielberg would lead to a long, successful directing career. Spielberg was offered a 7-year contract with Universal Pictures by Sidney Sheinberg to direct television shows. Spielberg was 20 years old at the time, who quit college and signed the contract (Hargrove 32). Spielberg’s first film he directed is The Sugarland Express in 1974, where Goldie Hawn was the lead role. Spielberg’s Jaws came out in 1975 and changed the modern history...

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