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Behind The Sugarcoated Curtin Essay

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Zoo’s aid in rehabbing wildlife and take Care of exotic pets that people no longer want or can no longer care for.

Animals Should not be in a zoo for visual enjoyment. At zoos you can view different species in fake habitats eating food that they didn’t have to hunt for. An array of different animals are either captured or born to amuse humans. Lions for instance are branded for being the king of the jungle with exceptional hunting capabilities. In the zoo, Lions are born and catere to the surroundings and lifestyle they are taught. An example being, if you take a Lion that has been living in the zoo and placed him with wild Lions in the jungle he would not survive. A Lion raised in ...view middle of the document...

Disallowing wild animals from the wild to return to the wild will endanger the wild population because the outstanding animals not be as genetically diverse and it will be more challenging for animals to track down mates.
In a Circus animals are used as actors. They are forced to learn lots of tricks that a animal in the wild cannot complete nor would even attempt. Most of the animals in the Circus are raised from birth to entertain. Animals from the wild are captured and they’re offspring are forcibly trained and brought up among humans. This is a good example of animal rights not being upheld. Just as in a circus Tigers are used to obeying human orders and balance balls on their heads and leap through fire all at the same time. This is all entertaining until the tiger turns on their trainer.
Siegfried and Roy is a well known story of why certain animals belong in the wild. Elephants are another instance of out of control wild animals in the Circus. Fed up with years of beatings some elephants snap. And when an elephant rebels, trainers cannot protect themselves let alone the public. For example,” a 21-year-old African elephant named Tyke -- killed a trainer and injured her keeper before breaking through barriers and thundering onto the streets of Honolulu in 1994. Tyke, who went on her rampage shortly before she was to perform with the King Royal Circus, was fatally shot by police.” (Goldston) The elephant was shot multiple times before falling down. If an animal from the circus...

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