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Behind The Wheel At Fourteen Essay

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You are considered to be a teenager when you turn thirteen, correct? Most are.
Teens these days are gaining more responsibilities, with that said, teens should be able to get the driver license at the age of fourteen. Not mandatory, but if your teen is ready that is an option. It is understood that there are teens at the age of thirteen, fourteen, fifteen, or even seventeen are not ready for their driver’s license. If you think your teen is responsible and mature enough for a license then make your teen take classes. I think teens at the age of thirteen and fourteen should be forced to take more classes to make sure they are ready for this step in their life. It should be mandatory for teens under the age of fifteen to take more classes. Also teens are being left at home after school these days, they could go somewhere with company with their license. Same thing if there is an emergency, they could easily get help. Another point is teens are gaining more responsibilities. Some of the responsibilities require transportation.
Many teens are gaining responsibilities these days! Such as getting home from
School, or getting to school. Even after or before school activities. Kids have more responsibilities as they get older, and when you get your driver’s license you have even more.
Also kids are staying home by their self after school, on the weekends, or even for multiple days.
Teens need a way to get to school, the grocery store, or even to go to someone’s house if they are alone.
Teens need transportation! You never know when you will need it, it could be unexpected. This brings me to my next topic. What would a teen do if there was an emergency? For example, the teens sibling was on the roof and fell off and is unconscious. If the teen didn’t have a phone or transportation, then he or she sibling could possibly die. With a driver’s license the teen could easily transport his or her sibling to the nearest hospital. There are many emergencies that could happen. Therefore with a license, there is a great chance that the emergency could be solved.
Lowering the driving age isn’t all about responsibilities. But you also have to make
sure your teen is ready. Most people think fourteen and fifteen year olds are not mature enough to do anything much less drive. But there are some kids that are ready for this step in their life time. Some parents are teaching their kids and teens to grow up to be the most mature and responsible human they can be. Most teens are ready! To be sure of this you can test your teen. You can do this in many ways. You can ask the questions randomly, let them drive around the neighborhood, computer courses, or even one on one classes. There are many test your teen could take in order to get their license. Your teen will never learn without teaching. With taking driving classes, your teen could also get somewhat of a physical. To test their eye sight, reflexes, and even their abilities. Make your teen get tested and take...

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