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Beijing Olympic Economy Essay

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On July 13, 2001, Beijing delegation of application for organizing the Olympic Game made its last statement in Moscow. Deng Yaping, the image messenger for applying for the Olympic Games and famous Ping-pang player, stated in her report,“in the torch relay in Sydney, a little boy came up to me, when he touched the torch, his eyes immediately became bright. I can feel that at that time his whole life has changed…”

Someone sums up Deng Yaping’s statement as: The Olympic Games can change the whole life of a person.

Someone further inferred: The Olympic Games can not only change the whole life of a person but also can change an enterprise, change a city and even change a country.

The Olympic economy, as its name said, is the economic phenomenon brought by the Olympic Games, and its essence is economic behavior caused by the commercial operation of the Olympic Game and the considerable economic benefits brought to the host city. Thus making the current Olympic Games become the world focus for which many countries, regions and cities are contending. Of course ,the analysis of this economic benefits is not only confined to how much money the host country can make from the Olympics itself, but also refers to the economic development process of the host city or the host country.

I. The economic characteristics of the Olympic Games coverage.

It is generally thought that the periodicity is 7 years, i.e., from the time of successful application to the time of hosting, the period is 7 years, during which the economic phenomena such as influence, focus, development, benefit, etc. have the obvious periodical characteristics.

Effectiveness for a given period of time
Economic development is restricted by the speed factor, the periodicity of the Olympic economy determines its obvious effectiveness within a given period of time, i.e., it is demanded that the fast development space and profits should be gained within a limited period of time.

The operation of the Olympic Games has its commercial operation rules, it uses the method of giving after fetching, mutual reciprocity and mutual benefit; it gives some economic benefits to the host city, at the same time it has strict control on the market development of the host city. Therefore, to develop the Olympic economy, we should not only follow the operation rules of the IOC (International Olympic Committee), but also fully utilize the added value of the rules to develop our own economy.

The Olympic economy has the demanding characteristic; its economic phenomenon with clear sector, clear level and clear market is determined by the demand. For instance, the clear sector mainly includes the infrastructure construction, environment improvement, tourism service, electronic information industry, etc. The cleat lever mainly includes those of IOC rules, OCOG administration, the city and the market. The clear market is mainly includes the preparatory market...

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