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When an employer is interviewing candidates for a job, he or she is looking for someone in particular. The person being hired needs to be able to do a good job at completing the tasks required as well as having the right personality traits for the job. Many different qualities are needed in order to be employed at the Keg’n’Kork, which is a gas station that sells bait, tackle, and liquor. I, Turner Olson, am an excellent employee at Keg’n’Kork because I am responsible, honest, and a hard worker.
First and foremost, responsibility is an important trait for an employee to have. G.P. Lantos, the author of the Journal of Consumer Marketing stated in 2001, “A social contract between corporations and society is based on long-term social demands and expectations.” I am a responsible employee, and always take into consideration what social and corporate demands I am supposed to adhere to. I always show up for work at least ten minutes early. I give myself enough extra time when leaving my house in case dilemmas occur on my way to work. While I am working, I have many responsibilities; among them, to make sure all items are exchanged for the correct monetary value, to ensure my customers are happy, to only sell liquor and tobacco products to buyers of legal age, and to keep the shelves adequately stocked. At Keg’n’Kork we don’t scan our items at the register; instead, the dollar amount is typed into the register manually. Manually entering prices leaves much room for mistakes if I am not careful. For this reason, I always double check to make sure I added up the items correctly. I need to be positive my customers feel satisfaction in their service by promoting the business in a positive way. To promote a positive image, I always make sure I am clean and look professional. A smile and upbeat attitude is mandatory. When a customer asks me a question, I do my best to find the correct answers and be as helpful as possible. As well as promoting the business with my behaviors and appearance, I need to make sure the store is looking its best. Keeping an eye on the shelves is a key element in the store looking top notch. If I see that products are running low, I immediately stock the shelf. One of my most important duties is to card any customer who looks under the age of forty when they are buying alcohol and/or tobacco products. I always make sure to follow this rule, because if I don’t the business could be charged with large fines do to my irresponsibility. Acting responsible at my job is shown through each and every one of these actions that I perform every shift I work.
The second of my best qualities as an employee is my honesty. “Clearly, honesty–humility represents a person variable in this framework since it stands for a stable and broad individual difference construct,” stated by Ingo Zettler and Benjamin E. Hilbig, the authors of the European Journal of Personality, describes how being honest in the work place stands for a...

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