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Being A Freelancer In The Creative Design Field

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In order to begin researching articles for this assignment I first had to review my Creative Y.O.U. to see about my personal design philosophy, and while doing so I thought about how I’m utilizing this within my portfolio. Looking over my objectives with what I’ve presented so far, I noticed I would like to add to the second statement by having it read, ‘I aim to emphasis how I use color (and/or symbolism) to help convey the intended message’’ because I tend to use both equally.
This last thought led me to seriously think about which area of design I should be researching for, and unless an opportunity arises for a graphic illustrator position soon after graduation, I foresee me doing freelance work. With this in mind I started looking into what being a freelancer entails, which led me to an article titled, ‘So, You Want a Creative Job?’ (Karjaluoto, 2012)
Karjaluoto talks about what it takes to work in a creative design field and his take on how he went from working at a ‘job’ for a daily newspaper to starting his own design agency and becoming a Creative Director. As many in this field can attest to, ‘A creative life is a long, hard road, with very few clearly marked signs.’ (Karjaluoto) This is the industry standard for those of us who are in our infancy when it comes to careers as freelance designers. There will be times where it’ll seem as if ones career as a freelancer is at a standstill, yet in order to get through the tough times one must stay committed to his/her mission as a designer. Some advice the author gives is that there will be periods of self-doubt, yet one should ‘Grow a thick skin, fail as much—and as quickly—as you can, and give it everything you’ve got’ (Karjaluoto).
The next article I found in regards to freelancing work was ‘Love the Underdog’ (Morganstein, 2014). In this article found on, the author starts off by talking comedy and about how “Comedy is about surprise; the clever twist and the unexpected reveal. Good design needs those elements, too.” (Morganstein) I noticed much of my own work tends to utilize such clever twists and surprises, and seeing how I can relate to this aspect I was not disappointed as I continued to read. I found much of what he has written goes along with what the previous article had mentioned about giving it everything ones got.
Morganstein continues on with going over how brainstorming for ideas usually brings forth some solutions to design needs one may have otherwise dismissed. He talks about when brainstorming with others “many ideas start as anti-ideas…and it will be something that doesn’t seem possible or appropriate. But then we realize (as a group), “Wait that could work!” (Morganstein) This brings to mind how creating thumbnails is a great way to help get ideas down on paper, and how this is one industry related trend that should never be overlooked.
One excellent point the author brings up about developing designs is to know when to...

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