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Being A New Zealander Opens The [Door] To A Life Of Privilege

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New Zealanders are seen as people who live a very privileged life with Durney (2012) article stating that “…being a New Zealander opens the [door] to a life of privilege”. This is essay will look at what privilege really means and will explore the evidence supporting Durney’s statement. Privilege can be determined by what makes for a good life, Durney believes our privileges as New Zealanders are that; we are free from the crush of humanity, we are free to question our faith, we are able to raise a family and to raise them healthy and well educated, we can have our health issues tended to by skilled and compassionate professionals and as New Zealanders, and we pride and honour ourselves on ...view middle of the document...

New Zealand is acknowledged for having this privilege, and it is their right to question what they want to believe. It is evident that not everybody else can do that. This right contributes to New Zealands place in the top 35% of the world freedom map.
Map of Freedom – 2014

Source: Freedom House (2014)

New Zealand is the 3rd safest place to live in the world (2013 Global Peace Index). “By and large, the streets of this country are safe. Crime is an aberration, not the norm. Nobody is shelling or bombing me, or trying to impose a different regime by force. Lunatics with guns are few and far between.” Durney (2012). We are not being bombed like Afghanistan was bombed in 2001, nor are we being bombed the way that Libya was in 2011 – Countries bombed since World War 2 (Global Research, 2011). New Zealand has not been seriously attacked since 1985 with the rainbow warrior bombing. We have gun license laws, not everybody can just have a gun and go out into the streets with one in their pocket. New Zealand is a protected nation and we pride and honor ourselves on providing for and continuing to sustain safe communities. Even our largest cities are considered some of the greatest places to live on earth. Auckland in third place and Wellington in thirteenth place ranked amongst the finest on Mercer’s 2012 Quality of Living survey. Furthermore, New Zealand’s government is trusted and established for being the least corrupt country in the world (Transparency International’s 2013 Corruptions Perception Index). Durney’s statement can evidently be supported, we are the third safest place in the world and the least corrupt country in the world, there is no disputing that New Zealand is a place to live in for a life of privilege.

Health care is one of New Zealanders biggest privilege. We have access to free hospital treatment. Accident and emergency treatment at public hospitals is also free. Children get free basic dental care until they’re 18 and many medical insurance policies give you the option to cover dental care after the age of 18 as well. Injuries from accidents are covered by the Government’s personal injury insurer known as ACC (the Accident Compensation...

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