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Being A Reader And Being A Writer

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Reading and writing are two very significant qualities in any person's life. A person that can read and write can communicate with others in such influential ways because of the knowledge that he or she holds. Sources from Stephen King and Langston Hughes show what it takes to be a writer, while Jorge Borges and the movie, Educating Rita, will show the importance of reading and the drastic changes that it can have on your life.In the movie, "Educating Rita", the main character, Rita, begins to tutor with Dr. Bryant, a professor at the local college. She was a very eager and excited woman that had energy to share with the stars. Rita did not want to follow the pattern of women in her social ...view middle of the document...

She was very well read, intelligent, and had everything that she had ever dreamed of. Her communication skills had increased tremendously. She was no longer scared to enter a conversation for fear of being rejected by others.Reading tends to change people in so many different ways. Jorge Luis Borges, in his story "The Book of Sand" writes, "I had but few friends left, and those, I stopped seeing. A prisoner of the book, I hardly left my house" (Borges 99). The book had such a great hold on him that he felt it was dangerous. He stated in his story, "I felt it was a nightmare thing, and obscene thing, and that it defiled and corrupted reality." (Borges 99) This book had him under a curse of infatuation. All he wanted was to understand this book, but it was impossible. The book had a great grasp on him that he could never overcome. In Educating Rita and "The Book of Sand", you can see how much of an impact being able to read can have on one's life.Writing is just as important as reading. You can not do one without doing the other. A writer has a very unique gift in being able to share experiences and ideas with others in such a creative and entertaining way using only words. In Stephen King's essay, he states, "For me, once the actual art of creation starts, writing is like this high speed version of the flip books you have when you're a kid, where you mix and match" (King 39). Writing is a talent that can be developed and can be mastered. For some, writing is very difficult. On the other hand, like King, words can flow from your mind faster than you can write them. Writing can take you into so many different directions. It's like walking down a street where the streetlights have all gone out. King writes, "When I'm working I never know what the end is going to be or how things are going to come out" (King 39). This is a reality with many writers. Driving blindly on a piece of paper, many writers have no idea where they are going or what they are going to end...

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