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Being A Slave Essay

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A recent report by Australia's Walk Free Foundation estimated that 29.8 million people are in slavery today; of these there is still 60,000 Americans in some type of slavery. A slave is a person held in a state of subjection to an owner or master. Because slavery is abolished in all but a few countries many people believe it is no longer a problem, but slavery is still a big issue that people need to more proactive about.
Slavery has a long history dating back to sometime around 3500 BC.In Mesopatamia they were the lowest class of civilization formed by Sumerians. Slavery also existed in Assyria, Babylonia, Egypt, Persia and other countries in the Middle East. Slavery reached its height ...view middle of the document...

Demand in Europe for sugar continued to increase. This caused a rise in the slave trade. From the 1500’s to mid 1800’s Europeans transported about 12 millions Africans to become slaves, of which 2 million died during the journey. Of these slaves 65% were sent to Brazil, Cuba, Jamaica, Saint-Domingue and other sugar colonies and about 5% were sent to the United States. There many laws in European colonies that relating to the well-being of slaves. Slave were allowed to marry, pursue refuge from cruel owners, and buy their own freedom; however these laws were rarely enforced.
The abolishment movement began when Quakers from Pennsylvania denounced it on moral grounds. During the late 1700’s noteworthy American Revolution leaders Thomas Jefferson, Patrick Henry, and Thomas Paine spoke out against slavery. The first country to pass laws against slavery was Britian. Leading this movement were William Wilberforce, Thomas Clarkson, and former African slave Olaudah Equiano. Wilberforce was able to get a bill passed in 1807 outlawing the Atlantic slave trade. Twenty-six years later in 1833 parliament passed another bill abolishing slavery in the British Empire. Many leading abolitionist in America came from Britain or were former slaves. Until the Civil War being an abolitionist was very dangerous and many were killed for their opposition to slavery. Many abolitionist rallied behind Union cause and the Emancipation Proclamation was a major victory. In 1865 the 13th amendment was passed banning slavery in the republic.
Since then all but a few countries have made slavery illegal, however it still exist most every where in the world. It takes on many names and forms including but not limited to human-trafficking, sex-trafficking, forced labor, domestic servitude, and child soldiers. The many names lead to slavery seeming like less of a problem. When news media use these terms many do not know that it is just a more specific name for a type of slavery. While they are all forms of slavery they do have some major differences.
The most prominent form is forced labor with an estimated 20.9 million people being enslaved. There are many examples of forced labor all over the world. In Bangkok an 11 year old girl named Lord was sold by her parents to woman who promised to give her an education. She was resold to an embroidery factory where she forced to work 14 hours day. She was beaten by her captors and bars on the windows and doors to keep her and other girls from leaving. She was freed in a government raid. Katya a Czech teenager was told by a friend of the family that she could make good money waiting table in Amsterdam. Her and others were transported to Amsterdam, but when she said she had come to work in a diner they told her she owed them thousands of dollars for the transport. They forced her to do their will and told not to resist if she hope to see her two year daughter again. In Minneapolis, MN a woman in her twenties said she was frightened so much...

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