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Successful Basketball PlayersIt is opening night in the Ventura College gymnasium. My heart is pounding, my body is sweating. It's my first game and I'm going to give everybody a taste of how I play basketball. My coach yells, "Stetson, go check in!" I am out of my seat. Three minutes later, gasping for air, I am trying to run to the other half of the court. My legs are giving up, and my arms feel like I'm carrying multiple sand bags. I look up at the score board. Thirteen minutes and twenty - seven seconds left until the first half is over. "I'm going to die out here, in front of everybody!" I thought. If I had trained in the off-season my game would have been very different. Great basketball players know that the most important season is the off-season.An athlete is defined as a person possessing the natural or acquired traits, such as strength, agility, and endurance, that are necessary for physical exercise or sports, especially those performed in competitive contexts. Basketball is perhaps the most demanding of all sports. It's a game of quickness, fast sprints, sharp cuts and turns, acceleration and deceleration, and nonstop jumping. The heart of the game is running. It's estimated a starting basketball player will run a total of 3 to 5 miles in a 40 minute game. This is intense running, sprinting up and down the court on fast breaks, chasing players cross-court, breaking through picks, and scampering behind a series of screens to get a shot off. A successful basketball player has to be able to perform at high talent during a four month season. The easiest time to prepare for being an aggressive player is training in the off-season.There are three seasons for basketball training. Season training is usually called team practice. This training is the practice and exercise you complete during the regular basketball season. Season training lasts up to four - five months. Pre-season training can be considered conditioning and fundamental practice. Pre-season training should only last for three months maximum. The rest of the five months are considered off-season. During your off-season, you are given the time to rest, vacation, etc. But, if you want to be a successful basketball player you should not ignore the off-season.Knowing athletic training principles and hard practice knowledge is important. Training is defined to prepare physically. All athletes have motive, they are competitive, and strive for victory. Training in the off-season will benefit your body mentally and physically. Off-season training will help strengthen your muscles, give you the endurance to finish a game, and the agility for quickness, lightness and ease of movement. Off-season training for competitive basketball requires self-discipline and sacrifice. Self-discipline plays a major role in individual accomplishment. Sacrifice is the training and control of yourself and your actions, that contributes to personal improvement. If basketball was easy everybody would be...

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