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Being A Veterinarian Technician Essay

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A Veterinarian Technician (vet techs) can have a rough life when the job involves saving animals. However the job takes, schooling, commitment, and having passion and love for animals. Being able to work and handle animals is a dream come true; it allows people to see what a pet could do for it’s handler. Maintaining a job that researches certain illnesses and broken bones allows a veterinarian technician to help animals in need. This helps bridge the gap between environment and families all over the world who love animals.
A vet tech can work in different work environments, such as animal hospitals, and private clinics. Working in various, environments create skillful tasks, which include: lab work, radiology, nursing care, surgery, x-rays, and assisting veterinarians in surgeries (Money Careers). Each of these tasks require their own abilities helping needy animals, for example: lab work deals with collecting samples of tissue, blood, and urine, nursing involves with taking care of the animals after the surgeries and checking on how their responding to the procedure (U.S. Bureau of Labor).
Whitney McCullough, (a vet tech from Arcola, IL) answers questions using her knowledge about what is like being a vet tech. What kind of task do the vet techs do on the job daily? “It depends on where people work at usually, but the workers come in and check the pets that are in hospital that need additional care. Then in some way workers have checklists for each hospitalized pet, so if they need medications, bandage changes, etc, workers can then keep track easier. Then workers go on to do medication for any animals that are boarding with the clinic in kennels. After that they check in pets that are coming for surgery or for a drop of exam/treatments. After the pet has been checked in, the doctor does an exam, and this includes drawing blood, taking temperatures, pulses, and respirations, next a IV catheter is placed for preparation for surgery. Next, the vet techs have a spreadsheet for medication to give for sedation, we can draw up medications after the pet has had its blood drawn and deemed health. During surgery, the vet tech will place an endotracheal tube that goes down the trachea, which is anesthesia will be delivered to the pet. Then the pet will be hooked up to a monitor and will have blood pressures, heart rate, and the oxygen monitored. The vet tech is responsible for monitoring the vital signs during the surgery and reporting if any abnormalities are present to the doctor, this makes the vet tech the doctors second hand man if not they wouldn’t be proficient. A simple surgery may include a spay or neuter, a dental, a mass removal, a wound debridement, a knee surgery, bladder surgery to remove kidney stone, or a foreign body removal from the intestines. After surgery the pets will be monitored while they recover for the surgery. Then appointments will start and those usually just include regular check up and this involves vaccinating pets,...

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