Being A Victins Of Pop Culture

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Being a Victim of Popular CulturePop culture is oppressing us, making our life an illusion, and transforming ourselves in a degrading society, turning us into zombies who crave only circuses and who believe in everything that is imposed. We become addicted of what pop culture is offering. We are too preoccupied watching TV, movies, playing video games, suffering the Internet and reading gossip and tabloids. We are too preoccupied with lives that do not belong to us. We forgot about our basic needs, we forgot that life is interesting. "We are living in a make-believes world of celebrity …our culture doesn't care about us, only about making money and accumulating power."Jim Taylor, Ph. ...view middle of the document...

"Referring to the pop culture today, especially modern movies, songs and video games, we just are drowning into a world full of violence and depravity. For examples, all horror and thriller movies what are so popular today brings a lot of scenes full of rudeness and horridness. A lot of blood, parts of the body everywhere, murder and rape. Such kinds of movies bring to our society depression and aggression. We have already some cases than youth after watching such movies just repeated that they sow in the movies: "A Texas teen says a Halloween movie inspired him to shoot his mother Jamie Evan, 48 and his younger sister, Mallory, 15 to death after watching the main character in the film murder "with ease and with little remorse." ABC News, Jan 25, 2013. Also, romantic movies, yes they have a beautiful love story, but with erotic scenes, and the 12-13 years old youth who are watching these scenes of cause are thinking about sex, and as result we have a lot of minor pregnancies. Referring to the Thomas A. Fain, Jr. words: " By integrating study of the American popular culture into the education of our youth, we can better provide a means for them to take what they learn out into the world as adults "(p. 590). That is the problem, pop culture is making our youth adults too soon, and they do not have a normal childhood being absorbed in the world of video games and fantastic movies, taking illusion as reality. All horror and violence that is shown in the video games and movies today is destroying psychic of our youth, they become cruel and lose their sense of mercy.Also pop culture has a reach dictionary of swear words. Almost all movies today are using it; especially swear words are popular between songs. Referring to the rap, rock andsome pop music, almost every new song is composed from a various combination of swear words. And choosing between Shakespeare and Jay-z, of course I will be happier if my daughter will study Shakespeare's poetry. And in principle, how can we compare for example:"O, my love is like a red, red rose,That's newly spring in June.O, my love is like the melodiesThat's sweetly played in tune… "(Roberrt Burns)With:"I be trying to chill, b…ches wanna f…k meEvery little city I go, f...k me…(Rihanna and Jay-z)This is just a little piece of the reality that the pop culture is offering us. I do not want to say what all popular culture songs have swears words and all singers are vulgar....

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