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Being At Home In The World: A New Christian Apologetic

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In the book, Being At Home in the World, Mark McLeod and Phillip Smith interpret and explain their ideas of Christian Apologetics. An apologetic is defending a belief by speech or writing (McLeod, p.ix). The authors main concern that they try to tackle throughout the book is how to approach apologetics correctly. Mark McLeod and Philip Smith attended a Society of Christian Philosophers Conference, where they heard speeches that were combative, rationalistic, and technical (McLeod, p.ix). Needless to say both McLeod and Smith were not too happy with what they were hearing because they have a different view on how to approach apologetics. After the conference many ideas were running through the minds of Mark and Philip. They came up with a question to ease their thoughts. The question was “If that is not the way to do apologetics, how should we do it” (McLeod, p.ix). McLeod and Smith felt that what the speakers were saying was acceptable but the way they were arguing their beliefs was unacceptable. Sometimes apologetics can be too rational. “McLeod and Smith feel that inviting people to understanding apologetics is better than intellectual assault” (McLeod, p.ix). Sometimes apologetics lack emotion and people argue in a negative way to prove a point. If a person invites someone to believe in what they believe, that person is more likely going to take the time to hear them out. Inviting a person to believe in what they believe may even change another person’s belief in that subject. When a person is trying to convince others to believe in what they believe in, simply laying out facts is not going to influence anyone. If a person got up in front of a group of people and invited them to hear their beliefs, use their experience, and add their own emotion that group would more than likely listen and some may agree. This is exactly what McLeod and Smith are trying to accomplish. Going to this conference showed them that in order to do apologetics the right way, logic and reasoning is not enough. McLeod and Smith written with the ideas and beliefs of human development through past philosophical beliefs, scientific thought, and religious beliefs. The key point to remember is McLeod and Smith do not think their arguments will compel belief (McLeod, p.ix). In order to try and persuade the reader, McLeod and Smith are simply inviting the reader to read how they believe humans have developed over time and how people live in the world today. McLeod and Smith believe that the invitation of thoughts and beliefs are more compelling than forcing apologetics upon people (McLeod, p.ix).
The objective of “Being At Home in the World” by Mark McLeod and Phillip Smith is to identify people’s thoughts on a worldview. More specifically, the authors want to identify the ideas, beliefs, and knowledge that people value today (McLeod, p.1) The first way that McLeod and Smith do this is by going back to the ideas of mankind that past philosophers had believed. In Chapter 2...

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