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Being Blind Essay

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When Aristotle talked about his idea of a tragic hero he said “A man doesn't become a hero until he can see the root of his downfall.” In The Death of a Salesman we know that Willy Loman falls right under Aristotle’s definition of a tragic hero. To be a tragic hero you had to have one tragic flaw that brought you to your demise. For example in Macbeth it was the desire to have power and the greed that brought him to his death. Loman’s tragic flaw is that he is too blind to see that he and his son are unsuccessful and he cares too much about his reputation to even accept that he is unsuccessful. Not only did these two things bring Willy to his downfall they eventually brought him to his ...view middle of the document...

Willy is blind when it comes to happiness.
Another example of Willy twisted view of success was when he went to talk to Howard, his boss for a raise, so he could afford his family expenses. Willy started to get frustrated when Howard would not give him what he wanted. To convince Howard, he even told him about the year “...[he] averaged a hundred and seventy dollars a week in commissions”(Miller 82). Which Howard responded “...Willy, you never averaged [that amount of money]” (MIller 82). WIlly is so obsessed with being successful that he makes himself seem bigger than he actually is. He was so determined to be successful that he made up this amount of money to make Howard think he was a big shot, but Howard knows that WIlly never made that amount or anywhere near it. Willy is blind when it comes to his own success.
Finally, one of the greatest examples of Willys constant eschewing the reality of success is when Willy believed that Biff is successful. When Biff went to go ask Bill Oliver for money to put towards a business with brother. Biff went to Oliver because Willy told Biff he was one of Oliver’s best salesman. Biff sat there for 6 hours waiting for Oliver, during that time he realised he was not Oliver’s best salesman, he was not even a salesman. He was a shipping clerk. Willy convinced not only himself that Biff was a salesman, he convinced Biff that Biff was a salesman. WIlly manipulated his own son into thinking that he was something better than he actually was. Willy probably boasted to all his friends that Biff was this wonderful salesman, just so he...

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