Being Careful About Putting Animals In Captivity

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Animals in captivity. It has been an issue since the first zoo was opened. Many people are for and against it. I think that there are many pros and cons to having them in captivity. The main issue in the world is how do you possibly make it as close to the animal’s natural environment in captivity. It is almost impossible. You can’t start building sea world all over the ocean and hope the animals show up.
I live in Agoura hills, big for horse property. At my grandma’s we have three Arabian horses. The thing is that they are wild animals, and need to do what they do best, RUN. We have three acres of pasture they can run around and play and be horses. Now let me tell you, they love their treats. Animals love to learn. I see it in our horses every day. They are happy. They get kept clean, fed, ridden, and get treats. Wild horses live on hundred of thousands of acres. If you take one of those and train it they love it. They like being fed, cleaned, and get treats.
Now a lot of people would say that is different than keeping a killer whale at sea world. In some ways it is and in some ways it isn’t. The whales at sea world are always happy and love attention that they receive. I watched a program on the discovery channel a while a go. It was about the marine animals that were in captivity. Those whales loved being trained and getting a reward of fish when they do something correct. Now look at the con of this situation. Is this anything close to what they would get in nature. No. They do not get the mass oceans to swim. They do not get the freedom to live. But in some ways it is better. The have some of the most amazing trainers, vets, and marine experts in the world on call 24/7. Now I am not saying that we should take every Orca and put in sea world. I am saying that one here or there is not that bad. The population around Antarctica (south of 60°S) has been estimated at 70,000 animals. About 3,500-12,000 animals are estimated to live in the Icelandic and Faeroese waters.
In the summer of 1993 We were in Mexico. I am adopted and my father is from Mexico and we were visiting family. We went to Reino Aventura. We waited in line to see Keiko for an hour in the triple digit heat. I was about 3 and I remember sitting exited to see my first whale. The show was supposed to start and an announcement came over the loud speaker. “I am sorry ladies and gentlemen but Keiko is very sick and can not do the show in these conditions. I remember being so bummed out.
Keiko’s story is very sad. In 1979, Keiko was only about two years old, got caught in a net. He is captured and kept in Iceland for three years. Then he was sold to Marineland in Ontario,...

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