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Being Deaf For A Day Essay

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My assignment is to be deaf for a full day. I was not too sure what to expect so I made sure to plan ahead. I went out and bought good earplugs, as this would help me to not hear anything. I planed on going to Brandon mall with my best friend so this would give me the full experience of being around as many people as possible. I also wanted to go out to a bar that night and socialize with other people. Unfortunately this is not how this particular day went.

My best friends husband ended up in the hospital to have major surgery done the Friday before the day I had planned all of this. I knew I would be at the hospital daily so I decided to “be deaf” on Saturday March 1, 2014. I woke up to a vibrating phone instead of my normal sleep cycle app, which plays music to gently wake me up. This caused me to wake up late and feel rushed for most of the morning. As soon as I did wake up I put in my special earplugs so I would not be able to hear my parents or any other noise in the house. Everything was okay until I took a shower, I always play music loud while I’m in the shower so it was not at all what I was used to. The music helps put me in a good mood in the mornings so I was a little blah throughout the day. I got dressed and apparently my mother was calling me to help her with something on the computer. I did not hear her which caused her to walk ointo my room at which time my very territorial dog barked a lot and scared me as I could still hear a little bit. This happened twice throughout the day.

I then was ready to head over to the hospital. I got in my car and turned the music off, this made for a very long car ride. As I was driving out of the neighborhood I started getting a little nervous at the thought of driving while not being able to hear was a little scary. I drove to the hospital and it was very stressful as motorcycles came out of nowhere as I couldn’t hear them ahead of time. The same thing happened with trucks. I felt as though I was more alert and more on edge then I had ever been driving before.

I got to the hospital and there was a woman standing...

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