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Have you ever wanted to help the environment but you just didn’t know how? If you have, there are several easy ways that you can go green and still help the environment. What does it mean to “go green?” It means to make choices that reduce, minimize, or even attempt to reverse the negative impact of our actions on earth and its resources. Also, to find ways to preclude human actions that contribute to the extinction of rare plants, and animals. Going Green also means to recycle and find innovative ways to release the most common e-waste such as computers, televisions, telephones, VCRs, stereos, copiers, and fax machines. In addition, going green means addressing the causes of global warming and what can be done to maintain Earth’s average temperature for near- surface locations.
One of the ways you can go green is by recycling. For instance, by recycling newspapers you are helping the earth because these newspapers are recycled to form new materials such as paper, cereal boxes, egg cartons, and tissue paper. Just by recycling some newspapers, many trees are prevented from being killed. You can also recycle soda cans and bottles at your local recycling center and receive money in return. You not only help the environment by going green but you benefit from it also. Some more recyclable materials are plastic cups, cardboard, cereal boxes, shoeboxes, and milk cartons. If you are not sure whether an item is a recyclable or not, you can always check for a triangular shaped symbol that is usually located on the bottom of an item.
Another way that you can help the environment and go green is to reuse your materials. By reusing your materials, you create less garbage and save lots of money. For example, when people go grocery shopping, they usually bag their groceries in plastic bags but if they started using reusable bags, they would avoid wasting so many plastic bags. People throw these bags away anyways so why not just take a reusable bag that can be used multiple times instead of only once. In addition, the plastic bags take a long time to decompose so you are harming the environment. Instead of creating so much garbage, you can bring your reusable bag to the store so that you can...

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