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Being Everywhere At Once The Future Of Nike, Inc.

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The world is not enough:
As the world change and develop, new opportunities are opened for the innovators, and big companies must take advantage of those opportunities in order to maintain the leverage, otherwise they will topple. As company Nike, Inc. place innovation in it center of engagement, with a view to become the leading athletic brand in the world, today and into the future. There is a growing awareness and popularity for sport around the world, people are running more, doing more sports activities and eating healthier, Nike is riding this wave by a few actions. Nike as begin focusing on technology improve products and teaming up with other companies to create products that are combining together sports and technology in a perfect way. Apple is one of Nike's closest partners, and they even started launching a new revolutionary product called the IWatch. Nike all so planning on expanding into new sports, create more sister ...view middle of the document...

The challenges that fuels our growth:
Although Nike as many possible opportunities to thrive, there are still some matters threatening the brand future. World observation of the company leading to accusations of child labor and poor work conditions, Nike is investing many efforts on supervising its manufactories, but on that topic even the company sometimes suffering from lackluster, for her manufactories located on far and foreign countries and are hard to supervise. In additional there the matter of the quality vs quantity, Nike products are made in a huge amount and there is a threat that quality of the products will be lack, and there is also the high prices that might cause customers to go for other brand, On the same matter, Nike is being threat by other sportswear brands, such as Adidas and Under Armor that are very successful in the market, but competition as always been there and always would be, that what motivate you to proceed forward, Nike as good records of handing with competition, the strategy is to always keep pushing forward, keep doing your best, and your competitors will never reach you, be the innovator, and lead to the future of sports.
Nike, Inc. is on offense, Always:
The new era we are entering is an era of post- globalization, a time which new business models will succeed based on the overwhelming pressures fueled by regulation, scarcity, consumer behavior and innovation. Nike as all the abilities to become a dominant brand and to possess its title as the world's leading innovator in athletic footwear, apparel, equipment and accessories. Nike is investing on any aspect that will lead it to continual growth, this approach is how Nike continue to drive long- term value for its shareholders. For example worldwide futures orders for Nike products scheduled for delivery from March 2014 through July 2014 totaled $10.9 billion, 12 percent higher than orders reported for the same period last year, and 14 percent higher on a currency neutral basis. It seems that Nike just never takes the foot off the pedal, it stock had always been in the black for the last decade and it looked like the future only herald for prosperity.

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