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To me it is still unbelievable that we discriminate our own blood because antiquated views on human nature. As a country we have failed to stop history from repeating itself. Here in Texas this could not be more evident. Even though we are changing our views on homosexuality around the country it still seems that the state of Texas will never change its laws to give equal rights to our LGBTQ community. I have worked hard in my school to change the stigma that exists towards Gays. I am a successful senior who wants to be a politician and a businessman. I have worked very hard to show faculty, staff and students that just because I am gay does not mean I cannot succeed. I have always been a top performing student who overcame many obstacles in my short life. I had many teachers who thought that just because of my sexuality I would not outperform my pears, and just because I am gay they assume I know nothing of sports, cars, and other things “boys” like. I had peers tell me to “act straight” so that I could get an internship. I was told not to write about my sexuality in my college essays because that one factor could falter my chances of admission. I did my best to show everyone that being gay doesn’t mean that people will reject you for but it is something people should respect you because you have a heavier weight to lift and higher standards to meet. I also had the privilege of having two fellow peers and one of my teachers come out to me.
I still remember being on a bus nervous as one could be on our way to the Dallas symphonic center where the interviews would be held. This was the time to shine in front of many fortunes 500 companies that were looking to hire an intern for that summer. Most of us were juniors and the possibility to get to work in a corporate office of such companies was dreams come true. Just before we arrives however I had a peer tell me “Alex try not to be so feminine so you get a job”. Aside from beyond angry at my peer for such an ignorant comment I took it as a challenge. I knew that executives would not judge me on my sexuality, but they would judge me on my knowledge and my ability to relate...

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