Being In Relationship Vs. Being Single During College

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Young people more and more often ask themselves what is better: be in a relationship or being single. Nowadays, being in a relationship is too difficult for young people. They are too busy to bother with building relationships – they have to study and often work at the same time. But is a relationship such a big burden as they seem? There are some advantages and also disadvantages of being in relationship, but being alone is not a good solution either. Now, I would like to compare and contrast those two statements.

Firstly, being in a relationship with a person that you love can bring you more satisfaction and pleasure than being single. We can confess, complain and what is more important, we can talk to each other about our problems or just for fun. Second difference is that, people who begin to build relationships while they are still young and, more emotionally stable and when they will grow up, they will be able to create a happy family.
Being single also has its positive features. You can do whatever you want to; you are not limited by girlfriend or wife who usually you have to listen to. We decide about our life and no matter what we do, it is always our choice, basically we are responsible for decisions that we made.
we do not have to change our life, habits. Singles don’t need to care about other person’s moods.
Being in a relationship, we build particular kind of feelings, which are based on trust, friendship and true love. However, a relationship can give us many feelings which we can’t get from friends or family. A good offers you all the wonderful things of friendship, but with a special closeness and intimacy. A good relationship will teach you to work as a team, and hopefully both people being to think beyond just themselves.
The single life is a wonderful thing too, but being single for a while after each relationship offers a period of reflection and personal growth. People should always look at relationships as a lesson in life. You can learn something learn things from them.
Having a relationship takes time and effort. Many men and some women can manage that. Everyone wants to have a celebrity typed relationship or the maybe the no-strings type. You know, a relationship in which you care about the about the other person. You care about the person’s well-being. You care about what that person dreams about and you don’t want anything more than to be with them. (
Yes, being in a single sometimes gets boring or stinks, but if you can’t have a real relationship based on honesty, trust or love than you shouldn’t be in one at all. You can learn and grow as an individual and focus more on school. As you expand your knowledge and interests, you’ll become a better-rounded and balanced individual. It can get lonely sometimes being single in college.
There is a common misconception that relationships at any level should be easy and...

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