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In this class I did not expect to become so intrigued about early life and the growth of how early hominids developed. I thought that I was taught most of how we early humans developed and came to be. Realizing that I did not I looked deeper into the study of different types of monkeys, apes, and gorillas, especially the study Dian Fossey did on Titus. With this study it began to separate how us humans and primates use altruistic behaviors. Figuring out the different motives humans and primates had and how they came to interact between there communities I began to see we have behaviors that are similar. Although altruistic behaviors has to do with relatives and their families, I see that those behaviors can be used even when there is no blood relation at all. Whether its kin or non-kin relations, humans and primates share the same type of behavior when pursuing those in need. Some may believe that it is their duty or just will come naturally when meeting others that may be struggling. Some humans and primates just do it for pure friendship and kindness. We act in a manner pursuing positive behaviors towards others we may not have any connection to because its instinct in humans and nonhumans. We have grown with this mentality when it comes to an evolutionary perspective, since we live with strangers on a daily basis in the real world. We need to learn to get along so we have created long lasting friendships that we can grow old with, as humans. For primates they are similar just in a smaller community. In evolution we have learned how to interact and provide support to non-relatives because we do not want to be in that situation, we want to be able to help others the way they could help us, and have those companions there when no one else is.
Reading and watching documentaries on primates with how rare it is for outsiders to come into a group already established was mindboggling. I found Titus’s story heartbreaking, but motivating when he was orphaned at a young age and never really had a father figure to grow up with. His story some what related to how it was rare for outsiders to come in because that is exactly what Beetsme did. When he began in an all male group, since his mother and sister abandoned the group when his father was murdered, I found that his story and life relates to why they engaged in this behavior. His experience showed that he never had that relationship with a mother and father figure making him grow up and strive for himself. When it comes to an evolutionary perspective Titus did not have that normal childhood. He had to grow up and learn survival instincts naturally without others for a while, until he was able to come in contact with his male group. Although they got along with each other for a couple of years they really grew close especially Titus and one other male silverback, Beetsme. Titus gaining relationships and friendships with this time being really pushed him to stay with them because that was the first...

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