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Being Overweight Essay

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Lately, many people around the world have developed a fear of becoming over weight. This is as a result of the generally stigmatized overweight people (Westman 2004). It is common therefore that, the already overweight persons are in a battlefield in quest to fight their overweight nature. However, to become overweight is not a vice. A bad impression of oneself generally forms the foundation on which self-hate motives (Brosnan 1999) accrue and the end result is low self esteem. Causes of overweight are several including the genetically induced, lack of substantial physical exercise, excess of fats in the body among others. An observation made after a research in Australia shows that much of free time is spent sitting down in front of a television or watching a movie and that 17% of the citizens were overweight let alone the 6% who were obese.
Many of overweight individuals are in the verge of fighting against their body posture (Brosnan 1999). This paper will focus on Atkins’ low-carbohydrates diet method that is mostly used by most of the overweight. The idea was invented by Dr. Atkins hence the name. Dr. Atkins claim is that one can lose substantial amount of weight if one greatly reduced the rate of carbohydrate intake. The result of the practice is that the body will end up extracting amino acids from the muscle tissues to cater for the energy needs of the body. This culminates in massive reduction of body weight through muscle shrinking (Truswell 2002). The idea has been overlooked by various scientists, especially those in support of exercise, in the sense that what we lose by adopting the method is muscle tissue rather than fats. Their idea is that weight loss can be attained through other ways like physical exercise among others. But Atkins insists that most of adults have the ability to adapt and thrive normally because their body hormones immediately respond to this, resulting in the formation of glucose from the stored amino acids, a process known as gluconeogenesis (Hill 2002). He adds that low carbohydrate diet does not at all mean no-carbohydrate diet and that an overweight person certainly has a lot of reserves in the muscle tissues that need reduction so as to lose weight.
But what is a low carbohydrate diet? Determining what a low carbohydrate diet is has not been an easy subject (Aljada et al. 2003). It depends on a number of factors and parameters. For example, do we look at the amount of carbohydrates in the diet or its energy potential? How do we handle the health risks related to particulars carbohydrate level requirements? What are the individual’s carbohydrate regimes tolerance limits? How low should the carbohydrates be in the diet? How much weight loss do we want and at what rate (Sonksen 2001)? The usual carbohydrate recommendations from the U.S. Dietary Guidelines (a country with a very high obesity and overweight cases) and other similar sources for the general public are that 50-65% of the calories...

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