Being Part Of The Vietnamese Eucharist Youth Community

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Have you ever been involved in a club or activity that has a big impact in your life? I have, and it has a big influence in my life. I wouldn't say that I'm a pious Catholic girl, but I think that I have a lot of dedication when it comes to my church. Therefore, my extracurricular activity that is most important to me is the Vietnamese Eucharist Youth Community (VEYC). Although I was forced to join it at first, my relationship has grown stronger with the members there. My time and contribution to the VEYC is to help the next generation of children become better citizen.Being a part of VEYC has made me a better person. The counselors at the VEYC taught me good manners. It wasn't just Sunday-school learning all the time; we have lots of fun also. We go on camping trips and picnics. Every summer, we launch a camping trip where we have bon fires, competitive games, and knowledge contests. The first night at the camping grounds, we set up the tents, and then we have a midnight game or storytelling after dinner. In the morning, we have the physical challenge such as eating watermelon, tug-a-war, potato sack race, and many more. As brain teaser, we have biblical contest, cracking Morse codes and puzzles.In the beginning, I had no idea what it was when my mom forced me to go. In the beginning I did not take the program seriously because I thought it was a just a...

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