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Being Possessed Essay

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All the souls whispered, the murmuring echoed around the room, but fell on deaf ears. All the spirits gathered in the lonely room, the confinement gave the spirits no room to roam around, but the fair lady could easily tread right through them, not the slightest chill from the ghosts of her family reached her skin. Lady Suki was not a bad woman, just unfortunate. She was the last descendant of the Noble House of Sinnet, and every ten years, the ancient ancestors come and celebrate her life before she crosses the River Styx and extinguishes the Sinnet flame. She was a fine lady, living in a little red brick house, and everyone loved her, except one soul, her deceased twin brother, who never seemed to trust her. But, and unknown event caused him to believe that she has officially crossed the line. Now was his chance to plot vengeance on her.
Suki stood there unknowingly, looking down at a tiny misfit boy trying to sell Girl Scout cookies. There was something about the little boy that stymied her of someone, but she just could not put her finger on it. His dark messy hair contrasted the stark white face that looked up to her with weary, hungry eyes. Forgetting about the peculiar little boy, she started nibbling at a Girl Scout cookie. All of a sudden, her eyes became tired and sleep deprived, her formerly light sorrel hair became charcoal black, and her fingernails became a violent shade of crimson. A hush fell over the crowd and the murmuring came again, not for the mere purpose of mingling, but out of the anxiety caused by this change. Out of the blue, with a puff of emerald smoke, a man with skin as pale as marble and wearing a scraggly tee shirt appeared and said
“I’ve got her under my control. She will pay for her sins.” And with that, he disappeared with Suki.
Confusion and anger then over the crowd, and it was chaos. Then the oldest and wisest ancestor came up to the stand
“Silence!” he boomed over the commotion, “The only way to settle this is to have a quest to retrieve the Astrolab, and create a portal to destroy him! Three of Suki’s closest relatives shall answer to this journey. Who objects?” No sound issued from anyone’s throats, for no one dared to go against him. “Good!” he exclaims, “I candidate Frank, Maggie, and Mark. I believe that Frank is her closest uncle, Mark; her husband, and Maggie is her sister, am I wrong?” All of a sudden, seven year old Maggie bursts into tears. As the other spirits tried to comfort her, she cried

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