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Being The Hero.

Being the hero is not always as glamorous as it seems. Some heroes may result in devastating ends to preserve what they believe is right, even if it costs them their lives. John Proctor was a man from the tale The Crucible by Arthur Miller who is notably considered the tragic hero of this story once it is understood in its entirety. Through all obstacles he was still able triumph through his meaningful role in the story, even with his dreadful end. What really made him such a hero was his different strengths within the story that were his knowing right from wrong, wanting to keep his name in good standing, and him growing throughout the story, yet his opposite, his weakness, were his cowardice, lack of controlling temptations, and his short temper, furthermore, when you combine the two they create what makes Proctor the anti-hero of this tale.

The man known as John Proctor possessed a few strengths which guided him well in the end. He possesses the innate ability to know right from wrong, and he uses it properly when the times call for it. This alone gives him the capability to end the story with the meaningful message that all are absurd with what is happening. Within his other strengths lies his desire to keep the name of his family in good standing. Readers are able to see Proctors desire to keep his name in good standing with the quote, “…Because I lie and sign myself to lies! Because I am not worth the dust on the feet of them that hang! How may I live without my name? I have given you my soul; leave me my name!” (240). Proctors pleading to Judge Danforth shows that this man cares greatly for his kin, and wishes not to harm his future name as well. Proctor also has his character development to strengthen him, which is probably his best strength by far. Development as the man he was to whom he is at the end of the play improves him greatly, and is the cause of his abrupt end to preserve his newfound attitude.

With all strengths come weaknesses, which this hero does not go without. To start off with, he was a rather cowardly man. The readers understand this cowardice by him saying to his wife, “I know I cannot keep it. I say I will think on it!”(193). His wife was telling him to confess to his forbidden deed, but John was far too fearful that he would ruin his good name. Another of the weaknesses entails his lack of being able to control his temptations. He committed lechery at the fault of passion and his sudden drop in good judgment which is...

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