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Being There Synthesis Essay Television, Perception And Society

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Media has always been an important factor in society, and it always will be. The way an individual discerns the world dictates how they interact with it, but the dichotomy between media and society goes both ways. People perceive media differently based on experiences in their lives, within each decade a shift in norms, trends and technology is observable. Jerzy Kosinski uses a character that perceives society based on television alone to depict the way media affects an individuals perception and how they interact with society.
Television , from its dawn has been an ever changing medium all across the world. In Being There television is a standard form of media, much like today , it is a normal aspect of everyday life. This contrasts worlds like those of Fahrenheit 451, in which everyone is consumed by their television, and reading is no longer a reality for most of society. Kosinski uses Chance as a surrogate to highlight the flaws of media, what it would be like to only view the world, what if all everybody did was watch? Chance doesn't have the ability to read or write, this this seems to only impact him in odd circumstances and result in unexpected scenarios. Chance only interprets the world based on his limited televised portal and his interpersonal relations, he has a simplistic, idealistic but intelligent view of the world. In this well articulated statement, “Television and mass advertising, have a tendency to display a remarkably narrow range of behaviors and lifestyles, marginalizing or neglecting people who are different” ( Excerpt #2) television summarizes chances entirety; Without reading, or going out of his way to watch particular things, along with his initial solitary state; Chances scope of the world is narrow.
In the 1950s, television was the most prominent form of mass media due to...

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