Being Tired Should Not Be Part Of The Aging Process

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A common myth about sleep and aging is that we need less, while this is not true, there are age-related issues to consider

Our dream is constantly changing and evolving complex ways throughout our lives. Babies usually sleep 15-18 hours each day. School children require 10-11 hours of sleep for optimal development, while teenagers need nine hours each night.

It is a belief that gains as we approach old age, our need for sleep decreases. This is indeed a myth, and that the amount of sleep we need is more or less constant since the maturity later in life. Sleep needs of each person are different, but most healthy adults tend to have between seven and a half to nine hours a night to function at its best.

However, there is no doubt that a good night's sleep seems to us to be more difficult as we age.

Research on sleep patterns in adults than this assumption, with some studies reporting that up to 50 percent of adults complain of difficulty initiating or maintaining sleep.

So what's keeping you awake elderly?

We know that significant changes in sleep architecture and our patterns - what experts call "sleep architecture" - as part of the normal aging process.

Throughout life, the brain activity changes to properties and methods are expected throughout the night. Sleep cycles, composed of REM (rapid eye movement, when we dream) sleep and REM, will last about 90 minutes in adults.

Moves without REM sleep through several more steps deeper: Phase A, Phase B and (most profound and restorer of all) stage III.

As we age, the rate decreases while the percentage of REM and sleep stage in our possession a non-REM and other costs.

Moreover, the amount of time invested in stage III (deep sleep) gradually decreases from maturity at the rate of about 2 percent per decade, before stabilizing again after 60 years.

For older people, this means that sleep was lighter and more fragmented, with brief arousals or awakenings another night.

Changes in the timing of our circadian rhythms, or sleep-wake cycle, can also occur as we age. This can cause the timing of the sleep period for some elderly people.

This may explain why older people tend to get up early and go to sleep earlier in the evening. Due to social norms, many seniors resist fatigue and try to stay up later.

However, these people can still come sooner as a result of the progress of their biological circadian phase.

This can result in less total time in bed, time to sleep less, and sleepy in my hour day increased.

However, age-related changes in normal sleep rhythms and solos do not lead to the problem of pathological.

When older people start to experience difficulties in functioning during the day, it is important to consider whether sleep disturbances can be a source of problems.

Sleep-disordered breathing
Prevalence of respiratory sleep disorders are higher among older people than among younger adults.

Disturbed sleep apnea refers to a respiratory events occurring during sleep, snoring...

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