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Being Violated By A Family Member Personal Narrative

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Being Violated by a Family Member- Personal Narrative

It was a warm summer night, and I had just returned from my summer school
class. I was extremely upset with my mother for making me go to summer school when
I didn't have to.
Every night I would storm into the dark house waiting for someone to notice that I
was home, not only was I home but I was upset. One night it was different, I was
actually happy because I had made friends in the class and I understood what was going
on. When I came home all the lights were on in my usually gloomy house and my mom
and step-father were drinking beer and watching TV. I was excited because I understood
my math homework and I wanted to do it right then, I didn't care how drunk they were.
Although they weren't sure what was going on they humored me and continued to try to
figure out what I was doing.
Eventually my mother went to bed because she was tired. I didn't want her to go
to bed because I had this awful feeling in my stomach. I could tell by the way my
step-father was acting that I did not want to be alone with him. I did not say anything and
she went to bed. My step-father stayed up trying to help me with my homework. I knew
things weren't right when he started rubbing my back. I have never felt so uncomfortable
in my life. He proceeded to do more things to me and I felt so helpless. I kept asking
him to leave me alone and he just asked why and told me I liked it.

In the mean time my mother was peacefully asleep in bed, totally oblivious that
anything could be going on. My step-father got up to go to the bathroom, and I went into
my mothers room. I told her I was tired and I wanted to go to bed. Just then my
step-father came into the room and told my mom that we were almost done with my
homework. He told her to tell me that I had to finish my homework with him, of course
she did. So I slowly stumbled my way back into the living room, back onto the evil
couch that I had to sleep on that night. My...

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