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Being Watched Essay

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Being Watched
What makes something so secret that it must be kept from the public eye? The National Security Agency or N.S.A. is a government run program that is tasked with global monitoring and analysis of information for foreign intelligence as well as counter intelligence purposes. President Obama’s opinion on the unlawful practice of mass surveillance is “I don’t welcome leaks. There’s a reason why there [are] programs [that] are classified”. Mr. Obama is the president and if there is a reason we shouldn’t know then that must be right; this has sadly become the thought process of most Americans. Ever since prohibition, Americans have been questioning the government and have always ...view middle of the document...

There will always be a way to spy on anyone in the world regardless of legality. The mere research of these topics has the potential to put someone on the High Priority List for simply looking into the fact that your constitutional rights are being infringed. The recent passing of legislation that limited surveillance to “meta-data” really doesn’t supply any anonymity and is a red herring simply to apply the illusion of privacy. This problem needs to be addressed; The NSA should not continue mass surveillance in domestic and foreign territory because it infringes upon the constitutional rights of citizens.
Stated in the Declaration of Independence every citizen is guaranteed life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. The definition of liberty is the freedom from despotic government, something in which the government has not held up too. Several sources state “Credible evidence indicates that billions of everyday communications... are run through a process that includes both data-mining and review of content” (warrantless review article). Billions of dollars are spent by the government every year on intelligence gathering. Funded by taxes U.S. citizens are paying so that there every move can be watched. This is a wide spreading problem that can’t be ignored. President Obama has continued to “pull out all the stops to kill the major lawsuit challenging the surveillance while giving no indication the surveillance has ceased” (Warrantless review article). The surveillance has not ceased and every single day, electronic manufactures are forced to give over information so that the user’s data can be seen. An example of companies being forced to hand over private data is when, “the government convinced the major telecommunications companies in the US, including AT&T, MCI, and Sprint, to hand over the call-detail records of their customers”(how nsa spying article works). Some companies have even been forced to leave back doors in their code made especially for security firms such as the N.S.A. There is no way to tell how secure these “books doors” are and if hackers have been able to access them. One would not want to trust a government employee who may have malicious intent to the information of a nation; it is obvious that mass surveillance needs to be stopped. Several countries including Canada have spoken out against surveillance saying “to rein in surveillance powers of the country’s spy agencies by rewriting outdated laws to limit snooping powers on line” (Canadian intelligence article). Not only is this a domestic issue but a foreign one as well, it is not just for a country to become a police state.
One might think, if everyone is spied on then is America safe from terrorists? This idea of the U.S. being safe guarded by the information it illegal collects on its citizens is becoming more popular; in a recent article in the Washington Times its stated that “there has been a long overdue debate about the legality, as well as the need and...

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