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Being Wrong Is Not Always A Bad Thing

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Being Wrong is not Always a Bad Thing
Watching Kathryn Schulz’s Ted Talk “On being wrong” is an outlook on reality that people these days don’t look at or even have considered. What Schulz does is explain why overachievers or people who want to be perfect are stuck in this little box of perfection and that we need to get out. Being Wrong is one of the most natural things us as humans can do. It is something that everyone of us has done at one time or another, no one is ever perfect. And if so why don’t we accept our wrongness, ignore or even get embarrassed by it.
Schulz says that we have been taught perfection all the way back to grade school, and that if we as people didn’t get everything right or perfect that we were stupid or someone who didn’t do their homework a loser. So eventually as students grow up they want to be that perfect person and since people think they are right almost all the time that when the moment comes where we are proven wrong, we feel that something is not only wrong but something is wrong with us. Schulz states that we as people are so obsessed with trying to figure things out and to her that this obsession is the foundation of our creativity.
Ronald Hoffman author of essay “The Tense Middle” is a Chemist that believes in the tense middle. Hoffman tells us about his experience of being in the “middle”. He was born in Poland in 1937 out of a Jewish family during this time was the nazi regime. Most of his family was killed, besides him and his mother. They took shelter in the attic of a Ukrainian teacher and at the time Ukraine was a big allie of the Nazi regime. He knows that there is either good or evil but understands that we as human beings have a decision to pick either one or the other but that there is always a third choice to pick, the middle.
Allan Bargers essay “I could be wrong” is like Kathryn Schulzs Ted talk in so many ways. My favorite line out of this essay is “I believe that the four words I could be wrong should be etched above every schoolroom, house of worship, political assembly hall, and scientific laboratory”. Barger feels that being wrong is just human nature, and that no matter how intelligent or what position you hold in society you will not always be right.
Barger explains his personally connection of why he believes in uncertainty. He is an evangelical Christian and a pastor, that struggled to accept the fact that he is gay since it was against the fundamentals of his religion. He was so certain that he...

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