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BEING YOUNGEveryone has once been young. But everybody hasn't gonethrough this difficult period in life the same way. Whichpossibilities and living conditions have teenagers nowadays?Some people think that you leave childhood when youbecome a teenager, and that you are still young up in yourtwenties. I don't think there are exact limits that tell youwhether you are young or old. According to christian traditionone is considered adult after the confirmation, but I wouldn'tcall fifteen year-olds adults. At that age, they're still notready to handle the consequences of their own actions. Whenyou are eighteen, you are considered an independentindividual, and have all juridical rights, such as driving acar and the right to vote. You are also bound to serve in themilitary. Nevertheless, one can't buy spirits before the ageof twenty-one is achieved.Now, more than ever, fashion seem to dominate the youth'severyday. Perhaps the reason is that they feel insecure andthink that the 'right' clothes will give them a feeling ofbeing accepted by the group. This phenomen has a negativeside. What if a pupil can't afford to buy these clothes? Willhe or she be excluded from the gang? Some schools in variouscountries have tried to solve this problem. They haveintroduced a rule that allows pupils to go at school only ifthey are dressed in a specific school-uniform. But manystudents don't like these uniforms. They want to decide forthemselves how to dress.During the last years it has become more usual forparents to divorce. Some people think that this conflict mayhave a positiv effect on kids, because the children get abigger family to hold on to. Others think the opposite. But itis obvious that...

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