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Being Yourself Gets You Farther Than You Know

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At least once a day, everybody believes to be something that they are not! Honestly, it feels good sometimes. In two plays, there were two characters whom have strongly deceived themselves to be who they were decades ago. The first play is The Glass Menagerie by Tennessee Williams. In this play, the character Amanda, the mother, acts as if she was a girl, young at heart, waiting for her suitor. In the second play, The Death of a Salesman by Arthur Miller, the character Willy is aversely stuck in his past, and does not know what is real anymore. Throughout both plays, Amanda and Willy both lived in the past believing to be someone who they no longer are, which affected their relationship with ...view middle of the document...

In the second play, Willy is also trapped in the past. He has dementia, and literally, cannot stop his flashbacks from happening. An example of his flashbacks, is an incident with Biff, when Biff walks in and sees Willy with another woman. This confrontation completely ruined Biff; he gave up on his future. Later, Willy intensely tries to convince Biff what he did should not affect how Biff chooses to live his life. However, deep down inside, Willy knew that what he had done destroyed Biff’s chances of being successful. In addition, Willy not only made his family believe he is an individual that he no longer is, but he tricks himself into believing he is a well-liked person. He constantly told his family about how implausible his funeral would be, when in reality, Willy’s funeral was attended by only immediate family and his neighbors. Nevertheless, his death only caused agonizing pain and struggles for his family.
Most importantly, both characters, Amanda and Willy, strongly desired to be the people they were in the past. Amanda’s desire to live in the...

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