Belief In The Gospel Of John

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In the Gospel of John, to “believe” entails trusting Jesus, as he is the Son of the Father and that there are just consequences and rewards of belief in him. Just discovers how “belief in” Jesus involves a level of trust that incorporates him as part of a “tented” family. This belief can be rewarded with eternal life, as well as a personal connection to Jesus Christ. In John’s Gospel, Jesus is the “Son of God” (John 1:34) and he is the key to eternal life in heaven.
John provides the readers of his gospel with a distinct perspective of “belief” in his writings. In the passage, “But many of the crowd began to believe in him, and said, ‘When the Messiah comes, will he perform more signs than this man has done?’" (John 7:31). Trust in Jesus Christ and what he says will bring eternal glory in heaven and that it will be granted to the patient and steadfast followers of Christ. John explores the idea that it is a belief into Jesus can allow one to witness his many signs. The coming of the Messiah will be noticed and that he will do countless good deeds and miracles, more than any man has ever done. Jesus’ power to influence others is unmistakable and if used properly can be very effective. However, if this power is misinterpreted it can cause a misunderstanding with varying consequences.
In the Gospel of John “belief” in Jesus is using a reward as an incentive. Jesus says, “‘Whoever believes in me… were to receive’” (John 7:38-39), It can be inferred that anyone who wants eternal life can have it but they must believe in him and trust that when he comes he will “[have] ‘living water’ flow out of one’s heart”(Just). In...

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