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Beliefs Christians Hold About Their Responsibility For Those At The Beginning And End Of Their Lives

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Beliefs Christians Hold about their Responsibility for those at the Beginning and End of their Lives

Christians believe that God has mapped out our lives even before our
conception. He has chosen what we will do therefore life should be
protected and upheld. Each individual life is different and sacred.

An early Christian document the Didache states:

‘You shall not kill the foetus in its mother’s womb.’

This has been the traditional Christian teaching since the time of
Jesus. This creates an emphasis that human life from its beginning
should be respected. Also Pope Paul VI stated in the Humanae Vitae
1968 that;

‘Human life is sacred…, all men must recognise this fact.’

Christians believe that helping the vulnerable, disabled, the young,
the old and sick teaches compassion. The parable of ‘The sheep and
goats’ warn that God shall judge us on how we have helped others and
felt compassion for those in need.

Also in HLS they state;

‘Once human life exists, we are morally bound to respect its right to
life, to development, to human dignity. Otherwise the very basis of
morality is undermined.’

Arch Bishop Brady’s statement in the Irish News stated;

‘…deliberate killing of the unborn child is a grave moral disorder.’

Also Arch Bishop Brady stated;

‘Particular responsibility falls on those who make our laws,
especially our politicians.’

Arch Bishop Brady calls out to the politicians and people who create
our laws to declare that the killing of an unborn child is
unremorseful and that we must make this trait illegal also throughout
the Hippocratic Oath doctors have vowed to live in accordance to this;

‘I shall never, no matter who may demand it, supply a homicidal drug…
I shall never supply any woman with an abortive pessary.’

Contraception is used when the mother may have complications with
child birth or mental capacities. Contraception is used by many young
couples who do not want to bare children or a married couple who still
wish to have sexual intercourse but do not want to add to previously
born children.

Many different churches have different opinions of contraception. The
Roman Catholic Church do not accept this method as contraception is
against God’s plan and kills the embryo at the time of conception as
the Roman Catholic church teaches that the very moment of conception a
life has been born and contraception destroys this life.

It goes against the natural family planning, the church teaches and
tries to promote.

Abortion is when they destroy the embryo or remove the foetus from the
body. This is a deliberate ending of a pregnancy by medical
intervention. (But medical personnel will also use this term for a
miscarriage, which is involuntary, calling it a "spontaneous
Abortion."). Other descriptions used with Abortion:...

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