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Believing In The Paranormal Essay

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A ghost, according to the article “History of Ghosts” on, is a person's spirit once it has separated itself from the body after death. Also known as specters, ghosts continue existing even after the heart stops and the corpse is cold, and they fall under the category of paranormal phenomena. When something is considered paranormal, it simply means that science has no explanation for it. So if science can't explain it, it can't be real, right? Not necessarily. It just means that it hasn't been proven a fact, it's all in theory. But Jack Porter makes a valid point in his article, “The Study of Paranormal Phenomenon is a Legitimate Science”, when he says, “It is important to remember the Big Bang is a theory, but that is still considered science.”
Some of the earliest reports of paranormal phenomenon occurred in the first century A.D. Roman author and statesman Pliny the Younger wrote about an encounter he had with a ghost in one of his famous letters. He stated that an elderly man with a beard and rattling chains had been haunting his home in the Athens. ( In Germany, the first poltergeist was reported in 856 A.D. A poltergeist being a ghost that causes disturbances; making noises and moving objects about. This particular poltergeist tormented the family living in the large farmhouse by throwing stones and starting fires, among various other acts. (
One of America's most famous hauntings is believed to be that of the Bell Witch. The paranormal activities took place on American land now know as Adams, Tennessee. In 1817
when John Bell was working in his cornfields, he claimed to have seen an animal figure, one that appeared to have a dog's body and a rabbits' head, and after shooting at it several times, the figure simply vanished. That evening, after returning to his home, there were several bangs and loud noises outside the house but when inspected, nothing was amiss. Not long after that, the Bell children began experiencing strange noises in their bedrooms at night. Faint whispering and laughing, along with having their blankets yanked from their bed and harsh slaps and pinches. It wasn't until 1820, when John Bell died, that the events began to die down, but even to this day the Bell family descendents say that mysterious things happen inside the old home.
There have even been reports of ghosts of historical figures as well. One of the most frequently reported dates back to the 16th century. Mother of Queen Elizabeth I and wife to King Henry VIII, Anne Boleyn was executed at the Tower of London in 1536 after being accused of witchcraft, treason, adultery and incest. There have been sightings of the woman's ghost reported at the tower and other locations such as her home, Hever Castle in Kent. (
Then there's the White House in the United States. Considered to be perhaps the most haunted house...

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