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Belize is a small country in Central America. It is located on the east coast of the Yucatan Peninsula and is 8,867 square miles. Belize is outlined by Mexico on the north, the Caribbean Sea on the east, and Guatemala on the south and west. A majority of people in Belize live along the Caribbean coast. Belize city is the only city along the coast. Belize has a flat dense vegetation and is known as a pine palm country. The many islets or quays, along the coast are associated with an extensive reef system. Clear water prevails, making the area charming for advertising and sport fishing. The official and widely used language of Belize is English followed by Spanish. Other languages spoken are Maya and Garifuna. Belize is made up of different nationalities of people. Approximately 50% of the people are from African descent, and the rest are from European, East Indian, Carib, Chinese or Lebanese descent. About 60% of the people are Roman Catholics and the rest are Protestants. Most of the people are poor because of the high unemployment in the city and low farm production in the rural areas are which are major problems for the economy of Belize. Belize has a population of approximately 224,663 people.Belize is a "constitutional monarchy" government. That is, it functions as a parliamentary democracy. It belongs to the Commonwealth, an organization of "former British colonies and the Organization of American States, an association of North and South American countries." The prime minister is the head of the government. He along with the assistance from his 10 Cabinet ministers carry out the operations of the government. There is a National Assembly which is made up of 28 members from the House of Representatives, and eight members from the Senate as follow: 5 senators are appointed to advice the majority party in the House, 2 senators are appointed to advice the minority party and one senator is appointed on the "recommendation of the governor general's advisory council."Belize's economy is based on agriculture. Sugar cane is its chief crop followed by oranges, grapefruits and bananas. Processed sugar cane is the country's main export. The Caribbean sea provides...

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1966 words - 8 pages OUTLINE*Introduction*What is Crime?*Types of Crime*Crime and its causes-Poor home conditions-Membership in gangs-Drop-out students-Drug and crime*Crime in Belize*Crime Prevention*What is Poverty*Causes of Poverty*Poverty in Belize*Ways of removing Poverty*ConclusionINTRODUCTIONWhat is the main cause of crime and its imperative relationship to poverty? Such a question at first may seem unanswerable because we could never pin point the exact cause

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1154 words - 5 pages The beginnings The original inhabitants of Belize were the Mayas, whose highly advanced civilization reached its peak in the years 250 to 1000 ad. After the society went into decline however, the Mayas continued to inhabit the territory in scattered villages and communities. The Spanish who claimed the territory as a part of the Americas granted them by the pope, encountered the Mayas in the 16th and 17th centuries, but they failed to

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1263 words - 6 pages The Office of the Auditor General was established under Section 109 of the Belize Constitution, Chapter 4 of the Laws of Belize, Revised Edition 2000. The Office of the Auditor General is managed by the Auditor General who is appointed by the Governor-General, acting on the recommendation of both Houses of the National Assembly. The Office of the Auditor General, in carrying out its mandate, examines all of the various accounts that falls

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1504 words - 7 pages by the amount of income that needs to be transferred to the poor so that equality can occur. Nevertheless, as aforementioned the Gini Index is a more accurate measure of inequality because it gives us the distribution of wealth among individuals and even countries. In the table below shows both the Gini Index for four Central American countries, Belize, Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras. As seen in the table below, El Salvador has a better

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1173 words - 5 pages interrelate Roy’s denial and lack of morality is able to interconnect and expose Roy’s stance in relation to AIDS even as the unrelated character of Antarctica. The dual role of “The Angel of Oceania” and Belize is another example of Kushner’s ability to sustain interconnectedness between characters and events. Principally, Oceania seems to be a caring and warm character much like Belize, but Belize is also comprised of many interesting communities


1159 words - 5 pages Ethics are very important to all business people. Yet, many tend to forget ethics as an important concept that has a major impact upon an organization’s success . The political system in Belize is ruled by a two party system that is currently back and forth for control of the economy and government.This is why it is so difficult to make a business work in Belize?Many organizations in Belize face the difficulties of managing and empowering


1722 words - 7 pages financial gains are the main reason for ecotourism. Belize was one of the first countries to promote ecotourism. Situated just 2 hours (Flying time) away from Miami (USA), Belize is a small land of 23,000 square meters situated in Central America. It has many different types of mangrove swamps, wetland savana, pine and tropical forests. It has the 2nd longest reef in the world. The Belize government focused on ecotourism to earn foreign exchange as

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541 words - 2 pages and misrepresentation in connection with the settlement monies plaintiff entrusted to his father. This action was brought after it was discovered that the remaining balance in the account was only $45,000.00 and his father quit his job as a cable television technician and made plans to move back to is home country of Belize to begin a cable television company. This was further supported when it was found that the step mother sold her beauty salon

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2412 words - 10 pages easily, again. Emotional separation between family members due to conflicts of family reactions to cultural identity can be found in “Beka Lamb”, by Zee Edgell. In this story, Beka's father and paternal grandmothers relationship, although a loving one, is strained by the differing opinions they have regarding the place each believes to hold in Belize, and the differing direction in which each believes to be in the best interest for


2202 words - 9 pages help protect the jaguar, he will join the long list of endangered species that have disappeared off the face of the earth.Currently, the jaguar's habitat ranges widely through Central America & South America. However, the jaguar is very rare in Central America except for in the country Belize. Each jaguar defends a territory anywhere from two to two hundred square miles depending on the abundance of prey. (Bateman, 40) The jaguar is the largest

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925 words - 4 pages Belize is a small country, on the Caribbean Sea, between Mexico and Guatemala. With a total land area of about 8,800 square miles, Belize is slightly smaller than Massachusetts.1 Belize is subject to frequent hurricanes and coastal flooding. The country has one of the higher population growth rates of Central America at 2.154%, and a total population of 307,899. 2 Belize is composed of mostly flat, swampy coastal plains, with some low

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