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Bell Mason Diagnostic Explanation And Detailed Descriptions.

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Bell-Mason DiagnosticThe Bell-Mason Diagnostic and Prescriptive Method is a rule-based tool that is applied manually to characterize and plot the status of a high information technology venture at each stage of its growth.Four major elements of the Bell-Mason:1. The five stages of company growth2. The twelve dimensions that are measured to assess a start-up3. The rules used to evaluate each dimension4. A relational graph plotted against the ideal model for successElement #1 - The 5 stages of company growth:All companies starting up must pass through the following four predictable, measurable, sequential growth stages.Stage 1: Concept (0-? Months) - The Company's starting point. Can be initiated for a market need, technology need or product need, but it requires the drive of a core group.Stage 2: Seed - (3-6-12 months) - The purpose of this stage is 3 fold. Usually lasts 6 months.*Entrepreneurs must ensure that any critical technology is under control to move to stage 3.*They must create a cursory product definition so that the market can be assessed*They must product a realistic business plan, which ties cost/revenues together.Stage 3: Product Development - (6-23-37 months) - Hire staff, specify and plan the product, and design and produce the actual working product. Might take an average of just under 2 years for this stage. This stage consists of the following 4 sub-stages:*Hiring and planning - team is hired to generate a detailed plan and product spec.*Designing and building - the product is designed and built*Alpha testing - the product is tested in-house*Beta testing - tested by usersStage 4: Market Development - Entry into this stage is marked by the first customer shipment, and exit is usually marked by company acquisition or IPo. Once in this stage, the company must spend more money to product, market, and sell the product. The sub-stages:*Market Calibration - this sub-stage is entered with the initial shipment of the product to customers and is the first time every line item of the business plan is finally tested. The product is modified as needed until a refined plan for profitability is arrived at. The major purpose of the market calibration phase is to determine the product's average selling price and its cost of sales, together with the order-gestation time.*Market Expansion - The firm continues to calibrate itself and moves under its refined plan, to achieve its first break even point.*Steady-state operation - The Company is profitable.Stage 5: Mature State - The goal is to develop the organization in such a way as to ensure its immortality. Which requires continual strategic manoeuvring, where the firm attempts to retain and consolidate its niche in ever aspect of its operations, including technology, product, market, service, business plan, finance, operational style and culture.Transitions from stage to stage:1.Move to the next stage - firm progresses to the following stage.2.Loop within the current stage - Venture must receive...

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