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Belonging Creative Writing:I've missed this. The way the summer breeze rushes into your lungs like a wave kissing the shoreline, the smell of the sweet fragrant roses and how just sitting on a small hill you are able to see right over the old Victorian estate to distance farms with roaming cattle. Peace, tranquillity, serenity, and affinity these words don't even begin to cover how I feel to be back.Being 12 at the time you are filled with excitement of moving to a country you have never been before. I will never forget that rush of adrenaline I kept experiencing from packing all my belongings and memories from one house and moving to another the other side of the world. Moving from my home my country from the day I was born to somewhere completely different was fascinating for the first few years.I remember my mum telling me at the airport that my birthday and Christmas would no longer have the morning excitement of fresh soft snow, but hot dry weather and long days in the pool. It baffled me how being on a plane for 24hrs can change the seasons.Australia was the complete opposite from England and finding all the perks of what England didn't was an exhilarating journey, from not worrying that you forgot your umbrella just in case there was unexpected rainfall, to the lack of deciduous trees during winter and how fellow class mates wanted to be your friend because you had different stories to tell and had a funny accent. But the fun only lasted for a few years.I would never forget that mind twisting night on my 17th birthday. I went to bed as I normally did nothing was different until I woke up with warm salty tears tumbling down my cheeks to a large dark wet patch on my floral pillowcase. Although majority of my dream was a blur I still remember the familiar snippets of various memories and sensations I had when I used to live in England. From that night onwards my thoughts of Australia went...

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