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“Belonging is a need that can be established between a person and a place”.
With reference to one prescribed and one related text explain how the above notion is true.

A person can achieve a sense of belonging to a place if that place nurtures and protects them. This is because in order to feel belonging somebody must feel security and safety. Peter Skrzynecki demonstrates this notion in his poem ’10 Mary Street’ where he writes about his childhood home being a place of safety and happiness. In stanza three Skrzynecki uses personification in the line “The house stands In its china-blue coat with pain guaranteed for another ten years”. He personifies the house as a guardian and gives it a protective stance as if to create imagery of himself and his family being offered security from this place. Earlier in stanza two Skrzynecki employs a simile in the line “I’d ravage the backyard garden like a hungry bird” to emphasise the nourishment that the home provided him.Clearly, through this poem the idea that somebody can belong to a place is put forward.

Feeling connected and secure at a certain place is without a doubt sure to help one achieve belonging. This is a concept...

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