Belonging In Alabama Essay

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I left when I was 19. My heart wasn't at home anymore and I was determined to start my new life and career in the city. My dream job- I was sure my heart was set there. I needed to escape, my parents were controlling and everything I did wasn't good enough, I just couldn't stand disappointing them anymore.

"Alabama Arkansas I do love my Ma and Pa, Not the way that I do love you"

When I moved to the city it was great. I'd never felt so at home in a long time. The busy streets and all the large crowds brought peace to my mind. I remember my first day there. When I arrived at my apartment the sun was shining and as I stared down at the warm key that the man had dropped in my hand he announced "its all yours". My own Home-everything I'd ever dreamed of was coming true.

The sound of carols fill the streets and laughter of children throwing balls of snow pierce my ears as I wonder past parks and frozen lakes. I haven't talk to Mum and Dad in a while. I guess you could say I didn't leave on the best note. As I watch the young families laughing, holding hands and sharing this magical time of the year together a small flake of snow drops on my cheek. A shiver goes down my spine and as I proceed to look down at my empty hands I catch my reflection in a shop window. I gaze into my own eyes for a moment then I become mesmerized by the flashing red and green lights as my eyes lose focus.

Memories of Christmas at home are flooding my mind. Dancing around the six foot tree with Katie that seemed so tall in those days. We'd spin around and around until we'd fall over with flashing colours still dancing in our eyes. My eyes refocus and I realise these memories were not often thought of and the nostalgia hits me harder than any snowball could.

I finally reach mum and the sound of her voice is like the first ray of golden sun in the summer time. I appreciate it. I tell her how much I miss her and she's telling...

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