Beloved, A Scared Character? Essay

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Throughout history, religion held a strong meaning in people’s eyes; the theme Christianity seemed to be the mere focus as it was actually the only religion thoroughly presented in the post-colonial era. It is not surprising, then, that Beloved by Toni Morrison is a novel that expresses itself by having a correlation link with Christianity and the Old/New Testaments. While this novel has been subject to numerous interpretations, Beloved is seen as a sacred character that initializes her closely to other characters in the story because her similarities are exactly equivalent to the bride of Solomon in the Bible but the main purpose for the existence of Beloved was to show the formation of the mother-daughter relationship.

When reading the text, it is interpreted that Morrison exposed the Biblical book of Song of Solomon in order to show the relationships between the characters but mostly focusing on Sethe and Beloved’s relationship since it inherits a deeper connection. This is also analysed by Peggy Ochoa who is the author of the article “MELUS” as she goes on stating that the use of the Biblical book of Song of Solomon “revised it to inform the relationships between Morrison’s characters… specifically the relationship between Beloved and her mother Sethe” (Ochoa). Basically Ochoa, in distinction from others, demonstrates that Beloved is a character who is seen to represent the Old Testament bride as described in poems that reside in Song of Solomon. The reader gets aware that Beloved receives lack of love and empathy from her mother and due to that, it forces her back out of the grave to go search for her mother; Ochoa describes that: “the pain of separation from one who is object of overwhelming love is an integral part of the Biblical text” (Ochoa). So Beloved, who is efficiently compared to the bride of Solomon in the Bible, shows herself weeping due to the force that separates her from her mother. But if looked upon on Sethe, it can be judged that she left and abandoned Beloved in her time of need and similarly,...

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