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Paradoxes are situations that are characterized by contradictory qualities; they impact a person’s course of action and contributions to society. A person has negative and positive aspects of their personality that affects their perspective of life’s challenges. Their viewpoints may differ from society’s expectation of a flawless life. Everyone’s personality consists of positive and negative contributions. Although Ben Carson, a passionate pediatric neurosurgeon, faced several tribulations throughout his life, he gained wisdom from each experience.
In Detroit, Michigan, his mother, Sonya Carson, gave birth to him on September 18, 1951. Unfortunately, Ms. Carson dropped out of school when she was in third grade. This contributed to Carson’s poor living conditions. Carson’s father was a Baptist minister. His parents got divorced in 1951 because Ms. Carson felt that it would be best for Carson and his brother (“Ben.Carson.Biography” 1). Since Carson viewed his father as sympathetic and affectionate, he had struggled to adjust because he grieved over his father leaving (Simmons 3).
Even though Ms. Carson was criticized, she encouraged her sons to challenge themselves and to believe in their potential. She gave them assignments and forced them to study when the other children were playing outside. In addition, she would require her sons to read at least two books each week
(“Ben.Carson.Biography” 3). Carson grew an ardor for learning although he resented studying. These circumstances contributed to Carson’s performance in school.
Consequently, Carson grew up living in poverty; Ms. Carson worked three jobs in order to support her sons. Since she struggled to accept the circumstances, she lied to them about visiting her relatives; however, she was receiving guidance at a psychiatric hospital (Simmons 2). After they lost their house, Carson and his brother moved in with some of her friends. Ms. Carson’s condition deteriorated continuously (Simmons 3). This situation affected Carson’s wellbeing and his state of mind. Eventually, the family moved in with Ms. Carson’s sister who lived in Boston. Therefore, Carson had to switch schools once again.
Ms. Carson scarified spending time with her family because she continued working (Simmons 4). She continued to strive in order to make the best of the situation.
By 1961, they moved back into their original home. When Carson switched schools again, he learned that he had fallen behind the other classmates. He focused on basketball rather than his studies; his mother disapproved of this action. Since he realized that this focus was a mistake, he continued to challenge himself in order to maximize his potential (Simmons 7). He eventually caught up with the rest of his classmates (Simmons 9). Disastrously, his teacher made a racist speech that criticized the other students for falling behind Carson. Throughout his schooling, he was bullied because his classmates were envious of his outstanding...

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