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Benjamin Franklin's Autobiography is broken up into four integral parts, all written during different periods in Franklin's life. The first part, addressed to his son, William, was written when Franklin was sixty-five years old. Before he began the task of recording his past, Franklin carefully wrote out a list of topics he would narrate to his readers. Eleven years later, this list somehow fell into the hands of Abel James who urged Franklin to finish writing his memoirs. In 1782, Franklin completed the second part of his autobiography in France where he served as a peace commissioner, and in 1788, Franklin composed the longest part of his autobiography at the age of eighty-three.The tangled history of how Franklin's autobiography became to be is interesting in itself. It shows Franklin's motives behind writing his autobiography. When Abel James wrote "kind, humane, and benevolent" Franklin to finish his life story, he told Franklin that his autobiography "would be useful and entertaining not only to a few but to millions (55)." Franklin wrote to his friend and confidant, Vaughan, for advice. Vaughan agreed with James and also urged Franklin to print the history of his life because he could think of no "more efficacious advertisement (56)" of America than Franklin's history. "All that has happened to you is also connected with the detail of the manners and situation of a rising people (56)," he replied to Franklin. It is obvious that when Franklin resumed writing his story, he did so knowing that his story would serve as an example for Americans and as an advertisement to the rest of the world. He wrote his autobiography in full self-consciousness that he was offering himself as a representative of the American citizen. Just as America had succeeded in creating and forming a nation, Franklin was successful in showing how an American went about creating his own character. Instead of being a personal account of his past for his son, Franklin's autobiography became a model for those who wished to fulfill the rags to riches American Dream.He was successful in fulfilling the image that his public wanted him to play. Following James' and Vaughan's letters, Franklin wrote about some important aspects of creating oneself: the image that one wanted portrays, how to appear generous and humble, keeping informed and educated, giving time and energy to public causes and the thirteen rules to live a virtuous life. Here, in one neat package, Franklin constructed a prescription that went into making a self-made man. In the land of opportunity and democracy, Franklin made a name for himself, and his autobiography reveals how one goes about following his footsteps and making a success of one's self.In the opening section of his autobiography, Franklin's message to his son is the same as the one to the rest of the world: how to go about making a success of oneself. "From the poverty and obscurity in which I was born and in which I passed my earliest years, I have...

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"Benjamin Franklin and his life" This is divide in 3 parts a part about his Talents and a part about His inventions so to speak and a part about his life all together

2054 words - 8 pages later, he became a member of the Constitutional Convention. Franklin was bedridden during the final year of his life and died on April 17, 1790. As one of his final public acts, he signed a petition to the U.S. Congress urging the abolition of slavery, just two months before his death.2:) (His Talents) Benjamin Franklin - PrinterAs a child, Benjamin F. loved to read, write, and collect books; so when it came time to choose a trade, Ben's father

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1426 words - 6 pages though he was considered by most to be extremely intelligent, he only attended grammar school for 2 years. When he was just 10 years-old, Ben began to work for his father as a candle maker (Sahlman). In 1717, he began to regain some of the knowledge that he was deprived when he was pulled out of school to work for his father. Franklin began reading writings from such authors as: Plutarch, Defoe, and Mather ("The Electric Franklin"). This

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1737 words - 7 pages colonies, the king's instructions were "the Law of the Land: for the King is the Legislator of the Colonies,” (#2). In England from 1757 to 1762, Franklin worked to persuade British officials to limit proprietary power in Pennsylvania. He enjoyed English social and intellectual life. Ben attended meetings of the Royal Society, heard great orchestras play the works of Handel, made grand tours of the continent, and received honorary doctor's

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2293 words - 9 pages upset at Ben and their relationship was never the same.Ben also loved to read. He once read a book about swimming and from it taught himself a basic swimming stroke. In perhaps what was his first invention, Franklin made wooden paddles for his hands and feet so he could swim more efficiently. He also read a book about the dangers of eating meat and decided to become a vegetarian reasoning that this lifestyle would be healthier and would save him

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800 words - 4 pages If you look at all the famous heroes in history what do you think is one of the best ones in the hall? Benjamin Franklin was a hero because he helped people and was a founding father in the American Revolution which was a great dead that deserves praise. Benjamin Franklin did loads of interesting things in his lifetime. Here are a few examples of why he is important but first some back story. Ben was born as the 8th child in the family and had

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1322 words - 6 pages religious oppression, with the scientific and tolerance-based values of the intellectual movement (Southgate 2007). Ben was born to Josiah Franklin and his second wife Abiah Folger, one of ten children that included an older brother James and younger sister Jane. After working during his early childhood for his father, he started an apprenticeship at the age of 12 to his brother James, a printer. After learning the trade, Ben moved to Philadelphia

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1240 words - 5 pages her former sweetheart Benjamin Franklin.(2) After three years of being together they had decided to get married. Deborah raised Ben's son, William, as well as two of their own children, Francis and Sarah.She had feared of ocean voyages that prevented her from traveling with Ben. From that she spent many years alone in Philadelphia while Ben was in Europe. In 1774, Deborah died unexpectedly of a stroke, after her death Ben lived with his daughter

The attitude for success...This is a real good essay for a teacher who always says"don't tell me what happend tell me why and how" Its basically his life before he helped make the US free

726 words - 3 pages The Attitude For SuccessBenjamin Franklin is America's poster child for how to make it big in the United States. He is proof that with hard work, perseverance and a little bit of luck anything is possible in the land of opportunity. As the son of a soap maker and having seventeen siblings, Ben knew from an early age nothing would ever be given to him and he would have to work hard for anything he would want. Franklins' rise to success is still

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1241 words - 5 pages Benjamin Franklin and the Quakers had a very different ideological stance on the formation of a militia. This difference in opinion shows us the clash of their “mental worlds”. Ben Franklin’s push to raise a militia subverted the Quakers’ moral authority, thus leading to their withdrawal from the public arena. The Quaker’s inability to separate their religious dogma from secular necessities, along with some of their contradictions of

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534 words - 2 pages years he kept himself busy if he wasn't writing he would be around his friends from the society of arts. Benjamin believed that successful people had to work just a little harder than any of their competitors. Around 1733 Ben wrote poor man's Richard almanac, and continued every year after that till 1758.Ben's curiosity to different things led him to explore different fields. In the 18th century Franklin concerned himself with such different

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1135 words - 5 pages Franklin Pierce was born to Benjamin and Anna Kandrick Pierce on November 23, 1804. Pierce was described as a blue eyed, curly headed child with “a sweet expression of face” (Harmon, Israel 2). Most Americans still agree today that he was America’s most handsome president. This led him to receive the nickname “Handsome Frank.” Franklin Pierce was only five feet tall. He was not expected to have a long life span due to a lung disease he carried

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1722 words - 7 pages presented his Articles of Confederation and Perpetual Union. This was a plan to unite the thirteen colonies as one national confederation. This plan was not immediately excepted, but it would later serve as a model for the first constitution. On July 2, 1776, the Second Continental Congress formed a committee consisting of Ben Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, and John Adams. During this time Thomas Jefferson wrote the first draft with help from

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1547 words - 6 pages "We must all hang together, or we shall all hang separately"Ben Franklin was born January 17, 1706 in Boston, Massachusetts. At a very young age Ben wanted to become a sailor. He didn't like his father's trade of candle making. Ben would rather be fighting pirates.Ben was the best in his class and after two years he was moved to Mr.Brownells School to prepare for his trade. Teachers were impressed that a son from a candle maker's family could

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2099 words - 8 pages Benjamin Franklin's Contributions to American Civilization Ben Franklin is one of a kind and master of many. No other American, except maybe Thomas Jefferson, has done so many things so well. During Franklin's long and useful life, he was involved in may matters such as statesmanship and soapmaking, book-printing and cabbage-growing, and the rise of tides and the fall of empires. Franklin wrote a prose of great charm and precision, full

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1331 words - 5 pages publisher of the Pennsylvania Gazette. The next year he marries Deborah Read Rogers and over the next two years they have two sons, William and Francis. After only four years of life Ben's youngest son, Francis dies. In that same year he founded the Union Fire Company in Philadelphia. In 1743 Ben's wife Deborah gives birth to a daughter Sarah, who was also known as "Sally". Two years later Ben's father, Josiah Franklin dies. In 1748 Ben sells his