Ben Franklin: How Did The Enlightenment And Great Awakening Influence Him? How Was Franklin Exemplar Of Colonail Life Does He Fit Rags To Riches Rule?

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Benjamin Franklin was an extraordinary person even before he was a recognized figure in society and history. Benjamin Franklin was a man who took full advantage of life's opportunities. Franklin knew what he wanted in and out of life and pursued those things. He lived according to what he believed in his own heart to be true and even today that is a rare thing.When answering the question, was Franklin typical or exemplar of colonial life, I would have to say he started out typical. He was born into a family of seventeen brothers and sisters. His father was a candle/soap maker which would have put them in the class of "common folk". At this time in America the social classes were about the same as they were in England. They generally went like this: wealthy land owners, land owners, merchant/artisan, indentured servant, and slave. Franklin and his large family were typical in the fact that Ben only finished two years of formal schooling and he was to be an apprentice for his older brother James. Doing this would have made Ben Franklin stay in the same social class his whole life.Ben Franklin had other dreams for himself, so at the age of seventeen he ran off to Philadelphia to make it on his own. These are the years when Franklin sets himself apart from the people of his social class. Everyone who came to America had the same hope of being their own people and making more money than what they were making or destined to make in England. To go to this new land of opportunity and have a fresh start. To have your life be what you make it not what you were born into. Ben Franklin actually broke out of his pre-set and life and lived the American dream, as it has been called.Ben Franklin's story is what you would call a "rags to riches" story, and he was the exception that proved the rule. The rule was people tended to stay within whatever class they were born into. For instance, if you were born wealthy you would probably die wealthy and if you were born a slave you would probably die a slave. Ben Franklin going from the class he was born into and becoming a wealthy prominent person in American society made him an exception that proved that wasn't how things usually went for people at this time (the rule)..During the time that Ben Franklin was in Philadelphia the Enlightenment and the Great Awakening were going on. These two things influenced Ben Franklin greatly. The Enlightenment; or the Age of Reason was a time when math and science were becoming more important. People were interested and curious about their surroundings, and thinking about things on a more intellectual level. This was a great time for Benjamin Franklin who as an inventor, and an avid reader was already interested in this train of thought.Some of the inventions and ideas Franklin contributed to...

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772 words - 3 pages appears on it. It seems to me that his biggest love was in music. Ben Franklin found simple beauty in music. He played several instruments, including the violin, harp, and guitar. His great interest in music lead him to build his own glass armonica. Touching the edge of the spinning glass with dampened fingers played this musical instrument. It was the armonica that appealed to many composers, including Mozart and Beethoven. It is for those

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764 words - 3 pages Franklin Paper Although Benjamin Franklin routinely practiced Quaker beliefs throughout his life, it is apparent that his overall character was most inspired by his Puritan upbringing in Boston. Franklin epitomizes the beliefs and values of Americans mainly through Puritan ideology. Through moderation, education, reason and an unbelievable work ethic, he is able to overcome hierarchical structures and become one of the most successful and

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895 words - 4 pages government of England could not be convinced of their religious faith and Puritan reform, they left England for North America, starting the puritan colonies.Ben Franklin was considered the most famous Enlightenment Age writers and is considered one of the founding fathers of the United States. Taking advantage of his intelligence from a very young age, he was able to use himself as an example when motivating others. I his autobiography, Franklin

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1186 words - 5 pages Franklin, but among everyone living in the colonies.Franklin had a very persistent, practical approach to knowledge. In one instance, a ten-year-old Franklin, after being withdrawn from school resulting from a lack of finances, was to reside at home with his family. Employed by his father Josiah, a young Ben Franklin would cut candle wick and perform other various tasks to help the family business. Ultimately, Franklin disliked this trade. He did

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700 words - 3 pages to be sympathetic to these causes.Benjamin Franklin wrote his autobiography in 1771 as a letter to his son. The listof virtues that Franklin gives to his son has withstood the test of time. The list is evidencethat Franklin was an very intelligent man, and also was a man before his time. He wouldhave been just as successful or possibly more successful if he lived in today's society. Inwriting his autobiography as a letter to his son, Franklin

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2070 words - 8 pages forming a nation, Franklin was successful in showing how an American went about creating his own character. Instead of being a personal account of his past for his son, Franklin's autobiography became a model for those who wished to fulfill the rags to riches American Dream.He was successful in fulfilling the image that his public wanted him to play. Following James' and Vaughan's letters, Franklin wrote about some important aspects of creating

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689 words - 3 pages the cemetery map.      Although Benjamin Franklin Norris, or Frank Norris as his gravestone reads, died at the young age of 32. He still managed to be recognized to be one of the best naturalistic writers at the turn of the century. Norris had a short life, but it was packed full of things that had a huge impact on him. He witnessed different wars, and the industrial revolution firsthand. As a naturalistic writer, your

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1075 words - 4 pages Franklin set himself to cultivate to combat the tempting vices, the belief that God help those who help themselves, that every calling is a service to God and that in order to get on in the world, one has to be industrious, frugal and prudent-all these indicate that Franklin was intensely Puritan. 2. Enlightenment Element Creating the image of a boy¡¯s rise from rags and riches, the Autobiography told a success story of self

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