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Benchmark Assignment – Theology of Missions – Essay
By examining the four Gospels, and one can find the importance of Scriptures as the foundation for a faithful theology, so they unquestionably identify the distinct importance of contextualization. Nonetheless, individually the writers of the Gospels distinctly have a mission of making disciples, and merely not converts. The writers of the Gospels not only retell the message of Jesus as well as the Old Testament; they through the Scriptures interpret the message for each of the readers. Therefore, the Gospels not only exclusively describe to the readers what to contextualize through the Gospel; they illustrate how God contextualizes the Gospel (Igenoza, 2005). An additionally significant source in contextualization would be that Scripture interprets Scripture (Igenoza, 2005). However, one can see how the biblical writers always at least use one of three important themes to construct their gospel dialogue kingdom, covenant, and creation. Biblical theologians have long distinguished from within the theology of the Bible these three motifs; oddly, this case has little effect on how most individuals interpret and share the gospel, the message of Christ Jesus.
The Biblical Paradigm for the Great Commission in the twenty-first century, it appears only fitting that studying the biblical theme begins with Matthew 28:19-20, that states "Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you. And behold, I am with you always, to the end of the age" (English Standard Version). The vision or theme for doing missions God has already given individuals through the Word as it begins with the Great Commission, which calls Christians to share the gospel to the ends of the earth (Wilder, 2012). Therefore, there are various significant motifs in mission theology. The greatest one the kingdom of God. The Bible talks about the kingdom of God in multiple ways. First, the Scriptures specifies that God reigns over everything. Additionally, the Bible articulates the kingdom of God which Christ came to expose on the creation anything that still is standing in opposition to the kingdom of this corrupt society. Consequently, the kingdom and mission remain indisputably related and are together the foundation of services and the aim of Christians as they are obeying the decree of Christ. This motif of the kingdom remains apparent when Churches are on a mission and placing into action the plan of God through the seed Church-planting and as people serve the Kingdom as genuine representatives. Secondly, Christ remains primary to the mission, and throughout Jesus Christ's completed work on the cross that everyone places their faith within. Christ Jesus remains the morals centered with the task of the Church, and the goal of the Church is to, according to Romans 1:5 “through whom we have received grace...

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