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Beneath The Glitter Essay

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“It’s like working in a magical kingdom, with fairy dust and everything” explains employee Lauren Marks. Lollipop Dream is a children’s boutique centrally located in the Westfield Fashion Square Mall in Sherman Oaks, CA. The store embodies nearly everything that a little girl or boy could ever imagine in a playhouse. They primarily specialize in parties for children; but in addition to that, they hold dance classes and even sell children’s clothing. The store is set up to replica a set straight out of a Disney Princesses bedroom, with beautiful chandeliers and bright colors everywhere. It seems as if working here would be equivalent to a fairy tale for any employee. But I realized that this wasn’t exactly the case after interviewing some of the employees in the store.
I wasn’t quite aware of what I was getting into before entering the store Lollipop Dream. From afar, it looked like a small little boutique for little girls, but the moment I stepped foot into the store I felt as if I were in Cinderella’s Castle. The first thing I noticed when I walked into the store was the inviting smell. I felt almost as if I was in candy land because the delicious smell of cotton candy surrounded me as I walked inside. The walls were beautifully decorated with paintings and unique designs, and the marble floors made me feel like I was in a castle ballroom. Every aspect of the store was carefully designed to make any guest feel like they had just stepped into a fairytale. A friendly hostess that wore a frilly pink skirt along with a tiara on her head immediately greeted me. She gave me a tour of the elegant store without for a minute releasing the smile from her face or her peppy tone of voice. The store had 3 different partitions to accommodate the various activates that take place there. The central part of the store had hundreds of girly dresses and accessories hanging from numerous clothing racks. To the left of the store was the dance room, a large room with wooden floors and a stage for dance instruction. But the most important part of the store was on the right side of the boutique, the party room. This is where all of the in-store parties take place with the princesses and other characters. The first thing I noticed was a giant crystal chandelier hung from the center of the room. The room was separated by different activities; there was an area for tea parties, story time, painting and even dancing. The tour came to an end when the owner of the store, Elizabeth Farrington came to greet me. I turned around to thank my wonderful tour guide, and as anticipated she still had the widest smile on her face.
Elizabeth, also a very cheery person, was a short mid aged woman who wore a beautiful pink dress that dragged against the floor as she walked. Her hair was short and brown, and there was a gold tiara sitting atop her head. Her presence in a room gave off a sort of calming vibe. She acted as if an excessively loving grandmother would, and nonetheless she...

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