Benedic Arnold: Hero Or Traitor? Essay

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The battle raging between good and evil has engulfed and suffocated human history since the beginning of time. In modern times action movies and fantasy novels proudly showcase “good guys” and “bad guys”, without any gray area.. Humans have been placed into nice little packages, factory produced good and bad as shiny as the action figures that culture displays. However, this is rarely ever the case. One of the most prominent cases of a villainous hero (or heroic villain) is the Revolutionary War general, Benedict Arnold. Whilst betraying his country, he lead America to victory in several pivotal battles. While Benedict Arnold did many bad and traitorous things, overall he was a ...view middle of the document...

While visiting London with his wife, he fell into favor with the king and many loyalists there. However, his disposition did not match the records of how well he was received. Arnold was frequently described as a standoffish, rude and jealous man. His lack of rank as opposed to younger soldiers infuriated him to the point of one of the most infamous betrayals in history. He met with John André, a British general, to plan his surrender towards the British army at the upcoming battle at West Point. He agreed to surrender,on the conditions that he would be promoted in the British army, surpassing his American rank. André and Arnold agreed to the terms, and the deal was sealed: Arnold would betray the American army. This lead to his name be synonymous with the word ‘traitor’ and push him to infamy in American and worldwide history.

Flaws upon flaws are still stacked upon Benedict Arnold, but his morale and dedication make him an American hero. One of the most evident things in history that paints him...

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3132 words - 13 pages country with the greatest military. In the end, it was his many great qualities that caused him to help the Patriots win the Revolutionary War!Bibliography:1.Deleeuw, Cateau. Benedict Arnold: Hero and Traitor. Spies of the World. New York: Putnam’s, 1970.2.Eric, Ethier. “The making of a Traitor” American History. Aug. 2001: Vol. 36 Issue 3 p. 22 9 par. < Http://>3

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