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Benedick Vs. Don John Essay

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Comparing the speech of Don John and Benedick is very stiff, because both of the characters in the movie called “Much Ado about nothing “have their own qualities and motivations. Don John who is referred as “the bastard,” also known as the villain who wants to achieve the rights he deserves and revenge towards his beloved brother Don Pedro. Benedick the one funny, young and locked into a love- hate relationship with Beatrice who took an oath that he will always stay a bachelor and never going to marry anyone including Beatrice, but Beatrice is actually the true reason he gave this speech proud and loudly. Even though Benedick is going towards love and faith to probably achieve something.
Starting off by Don John speech though Don John apparently influences all of the action of the play, he has very few speaking lines for a main character. Don John operates as plan tool more than a fully fleshed out character. The speech that is presenting does tell us about how he is a bad guy – and likes being a bad guy. For example; “I had rather be a canker in a hedge than a rose in his grace, and it better fits my blood to be disdained……” all of this hate and sadness is for Don John beloved brother Don Pedro. He wants his own rights and his own freedom. He wants his own independence and trust. In his very first speech he has all ready shown us and the audience his hate toward mostly everyone he wants to be different and on his own. But there’s not much that we say about him because we never really know his motivations, or even his reactions to all of the Chaos he’s caused. In the speech everything is nicely done the structure and rhythm is very poetically. In line -16 John uses the word “muzzle” to tell the audience that he is not a dog that he should be treated like with this hate and behavior and he makes a connection toward a metaphor. Also, he uses “I” to represent repetition to show us as...

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