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Benedict Arnold: A Story Of Betrayal

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Throughout many different times in the world’s history, there have been various different leaders, groups, and highly-respected people that have partaken in certain actions that go against other people’s beliefs or loyalty. These people have done many things to keep their actions secretive and discreet from the rest of the people living around them. People show signs of betrayal and deception through their interactions with each other. Benedict Arnold was a very famous example of a person who betrayed his country. Once he left his country he had wrote a letter back to America explaining his actions and his reasons for betrayal including many uses of rhetoric. In the end, his actions don’t justify the means. His actions overall were not the right thing to do.
Betrayal’s actual meaning is “to deliver or expose to an enemy by treachery or disloyalty.’ (Dictionary 1) When people betray someone they are not trustworthy or loyal to that person and they usually go and side with someone else. Deception ties into betrayal greatly. Deception’s actual meaning is “to mislead by a false appearance or statement; delude”. (Dictionary 2) When someone becomes deceptive they lead a person to thinking that they could be trusted or that they are loyal to them. This ties to betrayal because once the person is deceived they cause easily become manipulated or betrayed later on.
There are many good human examples throughout history that can represent these traits. One of the most famous was Benedict Arnold. Benedict Arnold was born in 1741 into a poor family life. (Historic 1) Throughout his younger years he had many troubles with family and schooling. (Historic 2) He had an apprenticeship at his relations apothecary shop even though he had went into and out of war at times. (Historic 3) He eventually started his own apothecary business and then he got married. (Historic 4) Once the start of the Revolutionary War had become known, Benedict Arnold was named as Captain in the Governor's Second Company of Guards. (Historic 5) Throughout the war he has aided in the capture of the British invasion in the Battle of Lake Champlain and brining the surrender of the British General John Burgoyne’s army at Saratoga. (History 1) All throughout the war Benedict felt that he did not get any recognition or praise that he felt that he had deserved. (History 2) He was angry with all the grief that he was given even though he had done many good things for the Americans. (Historic 6) His pride and humility affected him very greatly in making his choices of betrayal against the United States. (Historic 7) Once he was offered an excess of 10,000 pounds and commission into the British army he had decided to side with the British. (Historic 8) This was in secret negotiation and he decided to agree to turn over the U.S. post at West Point. (History 3) After it all occurred his plot was discovered but he had escaped to British lines. (History 4) After all that he did for the British, he...

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