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Benefit Of Iso 9000 Certification Essay

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Name: Managing Service Quality
Year: 2009
Title: Does ISO 9000 certification affect consumer perceptions of the service provider?
Author: Laura Martı´nez Caro and Jose Antonio Martı´nez Garcı´a


The purpose of this paper is to examine the perception of the customer regarding the service provider that has ISO 9000 certification where it focuses on three aspects such as corporate image, quality and the satisfaction.


Recording to this research paper, there have been several journals has been publishing the cases related to the ISO 9000 certification. However, the research issue related to the effects of the ISO 9000 certification by ISO 9000 ...view middle of the document...

The potential benefit of ISO 9000 includes fewer errors and better working environment can also be produced. However, there are also negative benefit from this ISO 9000 being analyzed such as perception of ISO 9000 is more focused on the managerial perception rather than customer perception. Regarding the perception of corporate image by the ISO 9000 certification. The paper also mentions about 40.7 percent of the interviewed customer does not know about the ISO 9000 standard, which indicate that ISO 9000 does not really focus on customer perception. Furthermore, a growing body of opinion of the management and marketing literature holds that a major motivation for adopting a quality-assurance scheme is the expectation of marketing benefits.


If the most industry firms adopt the same process management practices (eg. ISO9000), then the expected performance benefit will be completed away, according the strategic management literature. Besides that, it is also stated that performance benefit also related to the firm where it use technology as a reason for utilization of process management where expected benefits for these firms to be less sustainable.
Since the capabilities of the technology of the firm increasing, the practices of process management that related to certain activities also will be increasing and it also makes it hard for firm-specific complementarities and interactions between interdependent processes to imitate.
It is more costly and challenging to implement the process management in an unrelated area, especially aboard company and it's not really show that the systematic...

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